If you have an Instagram, you've probably heard of Hum Nutrition, a company dedicated to helping customers achieve their beauty and lifestyle goals through their products. Despite the plethora of insta ads, none really get to the heart of the matter: what's the deal with HUM Nutrition?

Personally, I have a hard time spending money on something that I'm not 100% confident will work, even if it has great reviews (like HUM). To figure out if HUM seems right for you, here's a quick guide to the system and its products.

How HUM Works

Although you can try your hand at picking out your own products, HUM offers something special for its customers that need a little extra guidance. On the website, a short quiz will help HUM set you up with a personal nutritionist--customizing your supplements to fit your goals.

A good thing to keep in mind when searching through HUM's products is that the company guarantees that no matter which item catches your eye, they are all non-GMO, gluten-free, clinically proven, and sustainably sourced. They also provide a detailed list of ingredients for all of their supplements, making sure their customers know exactly where their nutrition is coming from.

The Best Sellers

Because of Hum's growing popularity, they have a pretty impressive list of best sellers--way too many to name. Although it's always a good idea to double check with your doctor before ordering any supplements, these are 3 of the top products that HUM customers keep coming back for.

Red Carpet

HUM's Red Carpet supplements are vegetarian softgels made from Black Currant Seed Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil, meant to promote shiny hair and glowing skin. Although HUM makes no guarantees, most reviewers saw improvement within 2 weeks and have made it a permanent part of their beauty routines.

Daily Cleanse

HUM's Daily Cleanse is probably one of the more traditional nutritional supplements, focused on cleansing the body of toxins rather than a purely physical benefit (although there's nothing wrong with that)! The organic algae in these vegan capsules does have the added benefit of clearer skin too, keeping with HUM's mission of making healthy beautiful.

Uber Energy

Uber Energy probably holds the biggest appeal for college students especially as finals get closer, and is definitely a better option than energy drinks. The science behind this supplement is a little complicated, but it utilizes an amino acid that has shown to improve mental and physical performance.

Having actually tried this best seller, I can say that I definitely noticed how I was able to stay more focused throughout the day, even after a 2 hour lecture.

Should You Try?

My experiences with HUM nutrition have all been super positive. Although there are valid reasons to have reservations about nutritional supplements, especially without consulting a doctor, HUM makes the process relatively easy and transparent. They also offer free trials and easy returns/exchanges to make sure that if you don't like what you're getting, you can fix it.

That being said, the deal with HUM nutrition is pretty straightforward. Their slogan, "Beauty starts from within," seems to really be their mission statement. Although signing up for a monthly subscription might be an expensive commitment, there's no reason not to start with a free trial or one of the best sellers!