For Parkhurst Dining (the provider of Loyola Maryland's dining services), locally grown is considered within 150 miles of the school. So, be thankful that the Baltimore and DC areas have some really bomb food. 

I was lucky enough to get a tour and explanation of all of the new additions to Iggy's Market, which is a step in the right direction towards more health-conscious food options that are beginning to become more popular in our college culture. Located centrally to most students on the west side of campus, Iggy's has some awesome new local products ranging from coffee to kombucha that you really need to check out:

1. Zeke's Coffee

coffee, beer, tea, wine, espresso
Jill Langin

This coffee is so, so good. I miss the days when I lived in Newman Towers and could walk downstairs to grab a cup of this freshly brewed coffee whenever I needed it (which was all the time). Lucky for me, and anyone else who loves Zeke's, Iggy's sells it by the bag. Since it's roasted right in Baltimore, brewing it in your small dorm kitchen doesn't take away from the freshness of the coffee.

2. B'more Organic Smoothies

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Jill Langin

These smoothies - in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry - are really delicious and are a super easy option for a grab-and-go breakfast, or even to bring to class. This company, also located in B'more, is based on local, family-owned, and operated sustainable farming, so you can feel good about yourself while drinking one of its smoothies.

3. Wild Kombucha

Jill Langin

Kombucha is becoming such a huge trend in new health-conscious eating. Maybe that's why a couple of friends in Hampden got together and formed the company Mobtown Fermentation. The goal of Mobtown Fermentation is to promote a healthier lifestyle, while keeping it affordable. Komubucha is generally pretty expensive, so save your actual cash and buy your kombucha with your declining dollars or evergreen in Iggy's. 

4. Michele's Granola

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Jill Langin
This granola is made from scratch in a Baltimore bakery. It comes in a ton of different varieties, like Apple Quinoa, Ginger Hemp, and Cinnamon Raisin. The company itself is based in Timonium, so it's very local. Feel free to generously sprinkle some in your morning yogurt, or my favorite, eat it straight from the bag.

5. Deception Salsa

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Jill Langin

If you wanna bring a little more class to your Sunday night football gatherings, replace the Tostitos salsa with some Deception. Since it's produced locally, it's much fresher, and it comes in some really interesting flavors (like Tease and Entice) that are a must-try.

6. Tessemae's Dressings

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Jill Langin

It's so difficult to find a decent dressing at the grocery store without spending an insane amount of money and immediately regretting it. Tessemae's dressings are all-natural and most are gluten-free and sugar-free (plus the bottle has a really cool design on it). Finally, a way to actually enjoy your mediocre salad with dressing that you can buy with your evergreen cash and feel good about consuming.

7. Coexist Cold Brew

beer, wine, liquor, alcohol
Jill Langin

Located in Washington D.C., actually going out to buy Coexist Cold Brew would be a trek, but luckily it's considered local enough to be part of the display in Iggy's Market. Cold Brew is a huge trend at Starbucks, as it tastes much better than hot coffee made cold with ice. Coexist Cold Brew comes in more varied flavors than Starbucks' cold brew, and the fact that buying it means supporting a local business makes it taste all that much better.

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Jill Langin

Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you've heard of the recent importance of supporting local businesses. Local businesses are not only a huge part of our economy, but if you're buying local, it means you're buying fresher foods. So, be sure to stop by Iggy's local section to save some cash while also boosting your moral conscience.