Romee Strijd is a Dutch model and the 22-year-old has been a Victoria's Secret Angel since 2015. She started her YouTube channel in July 2017 and has been posting fun vlogs of her incredible life as an Angel. Often her vlogs include her experiences on set or on location for VS shoots, but the highlight for me has always been her fitness and healthy lifestyle. 

During the majority of her vlogs, she gives an inside look at how she maintains her figure via workouts, recipes, and restaurant shots. Additionally, Strijd is not a vegan, but has said that she is working towards eating a more plant-based lifestyle. So while not all of her recipes are vegan, suggestions to make them vegan are included. Here's a closer look at what Romee Strijd eats in a day.


Rachel Auerbach

Strijd breaks down her breakfast step-by-step in one of her YouTube videos. Her go to is overnight oats mixed with protein powder and topped with fruits, nuts, and peanut butter. She uses whey protein powder, but this recipe can easily be made vegan by using vegan protein. The protein in this recipe is great for muscle-building after long workouts and the carbohydrates in the oats provide a lot of energy.

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In the same video, Strijd is on set, so she can't necessarily make her oats. She shows a healthy breakfast of chia pudding topped with fruit and scrambled eggs with avocado. By replacing the eggs with scrambled tofu or simply a slice of toast, this meal is easily made vegan. 


strawberries, lemon, cheese, tomato, pepper
Josi Miller

In the middle of workouts and photoshoots, Strijd takes the opportunity to refuel, and that usually involves vegetables and protein. No matter where she is, the model tries to keep her foods clean, and the airport is no exception. While boyfriend Laurens van Leeuwen gets a Shake Shack burger, she opts for a healthy plate filled with various types of salads and veggies and hummus. While one of the salads does have chicken, by using only vegan salad recipes, this plate can easily be made vegan. 

french fries, ketchup, cheese, meat, bread, bun, beef
Caroline Ingalls

While not in the middle of photoshoots, the model has also expressed her love for the California-based burger joint, In-N-Out. For the vegans out there, here's a recipe to beat the animal-based burgers.


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Caroline Ingalls

Strijd tends to eat the same thing for her lunches and dinners by really focusing on protein and veggies. However, when she's looking to have fun with friends or fellow Angels, she's a huge fan of sushi, and, specifically, a restaurant called Catch in NYC.

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Christin Urso

Overall, Strijd really just tries to focus on having a balanced lifestyle and diet, without restricting herself. She explains she enjoys the occasional "cheat meal" (if you're going to do it, here are some recommendations), but really treats living a healthy lifestyle as her job. While we might not all be walking the VS Fashion Show, her easy recipes and joyful demeanor can motivate anyone to add some more green to their plates or walk an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill to keep energized and feeling healthy.