Former President Barack Obama has been playing it low-key since he left office, trading politics for some well-deserved vacation time. However, he came back into political territory last night after having dinner with Canadian Prime Minister (and regulation hottie) Justin Trudeau. While most of the internet is abuzz over the potential foreign relations discussion had at this dinner, I am only concerned about one thing: Obama and Trudeau ate dinner together at Liverpool House, and it looked yummy AF. 

Obviously the political landscape is pretty fucking crazy right now, but we are going to ignore the Paris Agreement for a hot second and just focus on these two cute bros and their food. 

The Restaurant Itself

Liverpool House was founded by two friends (Frédéric Morin and David McMillan) of Montreal as an expansion from their initial smash hit — Joe Beef. The two chefs serve up a fantastic mix of oysters and meaty entrees that show off the diverse cuisine of Montreal.

Even without the Obama/Trudeau influence, Liverpool House is freaking lit — it's a cozy and eclectic bistro with nothing but rave reviews. Anthony Bourdain raved about the restaurant even, saying that the Liverpool House is “a significant part of what makes Montreal dangerous – and delicious – to anyone who loves food."

This restaurant is universally beloved in Montreal by both critics, tourists, and locals. Yelpers recommend that you "make a reservation for Liverpool House the minute you book your flight" to this popping Montreal locale. People also rave about the "impeccable" service and describe it as "the best meal [they've] ever had," so I see why Obama and Trudeau found it to be up to their standards. 

What Did They Order?

There is no official confirmation about what Obama and Trudeau ordered at the "Liverpool House Summit" (name dubbed by the CBC), but there has been much speculation. Many sources predicted that the meal consisted of oysters and lobster spaghetti, which wouldn't be surprising, as these are some of the most popular dishes at Liverpool House.

SpoonTip: If you're still tryna get those Disney Prince Charming looks, you can always try Trudeau's food go-tos

Unfortunately, this restaurant is kind of pricey for the average college student. But fortunately, for all of the Americans in the crowd, you can check out these 29 restaurants Obama loves that are in your price range. If you're still looking for some finds in the Liverpool House neighborhood, here's where to eat in Montreal (especially if you're on a time crunch). 

All in all, if you want to make a power move and eat local (or like a former president or the prime minister), Liverpool House is definitely the spot to be. Reservations are booking up fast (read: I was unable to get any reservations on their website anytime soon) after this bro-mantic dinner date, but I would definitely check it out after the crowds clear.