Well if you did not hear, the best day of the year is almost upon us. Ben and Jerry's free cone day 2017 is April 4th at any scoop shop near you.

Ben and Jerry's recently unveiled many new products, so I am here to introduce you to them so you can strategize your best cone. Or multiple cones. You CAN go in line more than once (....it's not like I know this from past experiences—sorry Ben and Jerry). 

The Cereal Flavors

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Photo courtesy of Momofuku Milk Bar

If you're like me, you consider combining cereal and ice cream as good of a combination as peanut butter & jelly. When I heard about these three new cereal flavors, it immediately reminded me of Momofuku's in New York City. And I am here to tell you they are identical. 

The Frozen Flakes flavor reminded me exactly of Momofuku but slightly sweeter taste and definitely more crunch throughout. If you enjoy frosted flakes at all, or are a more simple type of ice cream person—this is your cup of tea.

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Eileen Wang

They also introduced Fruit Loot—which is very similar to Frozen Flakes but with a fruity aftertaste. And finally, Coco Loco—which is chocolate cereal-flavored ice cream. All of the cereals have the crunchy texture throughout which really makes you you're delving right into a big bowl of your favorite sweet cereal. Pick your cone of nostalgia

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Eileen Wang

The Vegan Flavors

Besides making a new dairy-free versions of Cherry Garcia and Coconut Seven Layer Bar, Ben and Jerry created a new almond milk flavor: Caramel Almond brittle. 

My vegan friend said that Caramel Almond brittle surpassed Pb & Cookies as her new favorite. It was very caramel heavy, she said, and if you enjoy the sweet and salty coalition- then try this out.

And there are six more...

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Annika Rowland

Yes, six OTHER new flavors for you to devour. One being the chocolate version of everyone's low-key favorite: Cherry Garcia. 

And Ben & Jerry must have a fondness for breakfast foods: Oat of this Swirled has fudge flakes and an oatmeal cookie swirl. A maple and brown sugar foundation gives this breakfast food enough sweetness for any sweet tooth.

And if you like caramel, you are in luck because the other three flavors involve caramel in some way and that is not including the dairy version of Salted Caramel Almond.

Truffle Kerfuffle is similar to it: vanilla ice cream, mixed with pecans and a chocolate caramel ganache. Keep Caramel & Cookie On is for all you shortbread girl-scout cookie lovers. It begins with a caramel malt base married with shortbread cookies, a caramel swirl, and fudge flakes.

The nuts, fudge, and caramel trend continues with Urban Bourbon. Except the burnt caramel base is for all of you out there who want an ice cream combination less childlike than cereal.

Thanks Ben and Jerry for always being there and now giving college students our favorite thing in the world: free food. We are #blessed to have free cone day 2017.