We all know that it's super important to stay hydrated. But, sometimes plain old water can get boring, so you reach for some cold brew or hot tea to spice things up. If you want to branch out of your generic brands (I'm looking at you, Starbucks), I've got some exciting beverages for you to try out. Here's what new drink to try out, based on your mainstream alternative.

Teavana: Pique Tea

Chloe Krugel

The ideal way for me to end the day is to make myself a warm cup of tea so that I can unwind. However, a lot of more mainstream brands are bland and flavorless. Pique Tea, with its patented crystals, resolves that problem by making up a super potent, antioxidant-laden package packed with flavor and health benefits. Pick up a classic flavor like Jasmine Green Tea, or try out the Herbal Beauty Elixir, which can help to promote digestion and gut health.

Cold Brew: Limitless Coffee

Dining hall coffee is notorious for being flavorless and weak, providing the perfect excuse for splurging on good cold brew coffee at your local coffee shop or closest Starbucks. But do you know where your coffee beans come from? Studies have shown that coffee production can often be unsustainable and exploitative to vulnerable populations, but with Limitless Coffee, you're guaranteed clean, high-quality coffee. 

Green Tea Latte: MatchaBar

Jeanne Paulino

Trying to cut back on your coffee intake but in dire need of some caffeine? Matcha is the drink for you. Green tea lattes have boomed recently lately because it provides more sustainable energy than coffee—plus, that cool latte art on the top is definitely Insta-worthy. However, if you don't have time to stop by your local cafe or make your own, grab a bottle of MatchaBar from your closest Whole Foods.

La Croix: SIPP

Chloe Krugel

Don't get me wrong, I love La Croix just like everyone else. However, there are more brands of flavored sparkling water than just La Croix, and Sipp is one of them. Organic and handcrafted, these sodas are a refreshing sip for those hot summer days on the beach. With unique flavors like zesty orange and ginger blossom, you're bound to find your go-to summery drink.

Thirsty yet? Thought so. Try out a new drink for when you're craving some caffeine or comfort, or just want to explore the different products out there. You'll thank me later.