With winter well underway, a cup of morning (or afternoon, or evening, or anytime, really) coffee is becoming more necessary than ever. Although coffee can never get old, sometimes it’s nice to shake up the traditional dining hall black coffee.

Here are five unexpected substitutes for the traditional cream and sugar that can be found in all UGA dining halls. I promise they will reignite the flame you once held for that delicious cup of morning joe.

1. Butter

This one is for all you health fad followers out there. Although it may seem odd to put this in coffee, many would argue that it is actually healthier than creamer. Because it contains slightly higher amounts of protein, it could even be a substitute for your breakfast.

The health nuts out there have even given it its own name: Bulletproof Coffee. I’m not sure if I buy into that…but it is a nice, subtle change.

2. Chocolate Chips


Photo by Gabi Rosenthal

One word: Yum. Assuming you are a normal human being and love chocolate as much as I do, this is a much simpler alternative to buying a $4 mocha from Starbucks.

All you have to do is make sure your coffee is hot enough to melt some chocolate and then stir in as many chips as you can fit.

3. Peanut Butter


Photo by Gabi Rosenthal

For those of us who like a slightly nutty flavor in our coffee, peanut butter makes a great addition to any cup o’ joe. Not only does it add a unique flavor, but it gives you a great protein boost to power through your day as well.

In order to blend your drink completely, just make sure your coffee is very hot, so the peanut butter doesn’t clump together.

4. Hot Chocolate

As with chocolate chips, adding hot chocolate to your cup of coffee gives it a yummy mocha flavor without the big bucks. Although it can be slightly more complicated than simply dumping chocolate chips in your cup, as you have to prepare the hot cocoa separately, it gives the coffee a more subtle chocolate flavor, rather than the syrupy flavor of the chips.

5. Ice Cream


Photo by Gabi Rosenthal

This is a widely accepted addition to coffee. The Germans even have a special name for this sweet concoction: Eiskaffee.

For those of us who don’t like a scalding cup, a scoop of ice cream can make a delicious dessert/drink combo for any time of the day. Vanilla is a safe bet for your Eiskaffee, but you can pick any flavor to change it up. Just plop in a scoop of ice cream from any dining hall, and Bon Appétit.