With so many different brands of kombucha on the market, making the decision of which drink to grab is no longer plain and simple. It can be hard to understand what sets one Ginger-Lemon kombucha apart from another but it's important to understand that not all kombuchas are made the same.

My love affair with kombucha got off to a rocky start. It was most definitely not love at first sip. After swearing off that "gross bacteria drink", I eventually decided to give it another shot. Since then, I've tried quite a large number of kombuchas and let me tell ya, some have still left me in total disgust while others had me wanting more. 

So what is my all time favorite and forever my go-to? Health-Ade kombucha. Health-Ade has worked hard to set itself apart from the rest of the kombucha pack and has created a product that truly is the best-tasting and most high quality.

After better some research and gaining a better understanding of the most important aspects of kombucha, I know it's safe to say that Health-Ade is the best of the best. Try your best to finish reading the whole article before grabbing your keys and heading to the store to get your hands on a booch.

Why Health-Ade?

I mean why not Health-Ade? While many companies have cut corners in order to mass produce these fermented drinks or make them last longer, Health-Ade has stuck true to their roots creating the freshest and most nutrient dense kombucha around.

All kombucha is made using water, sugar, tea and SCOBY. However, Health-Ade is always free of preservatives, artificial flavors and fake fermenting agents, and is never engineered or force-carbonated. This fermented tea is naturally rich in probiotics and healthy acids. It's low in calories, sugar and caffeine. Talk about amazing.

Its Beginnings

Health-Ade was started by Daina Trout alongside her husband, Justin Trout, and best friend, Vanessa Dew in a small LA apartment. Since its humble beginnings, Health-Ade has grown immensely and has blossomed into a national brand. They also just opened a brand new brewery in the Torrance community.

Don't let its rapid growth scare you. Heath-Ade is still committed to brewing the best-tasting and highest quality kombucha using the same all-natural techniques they honed in Daina's LA apartment five years ago.

The Ingredients

Health-Ade is made using the most high quality ingredients, including cold-pressed juice from organic produce. Every bottle is 100% certified organic, non-gmo, gluten-free, raw, kosher and vegan- and yes it still tastes great. That means you know exactly what is going into your body.  

The kombucha is made in super-small batches (two and a half gallons to be exact) and in glass containers to prevent metal or plastic leaching. This small batch technique ensures premium quality control and promises that each batch is just as good as the last.

The Flavors

Health-Ade's 13 flavors are available at grocery stores and health food markets nationwide. With flavors including Ginger-Lemon, Pink Lady Apple, Pomegranate, California Grape, Cayenne Cleanse and Original all on the market, you're bound to find one you love.

Health-Ade also has a line of Super-Tea kombuchas that blend its signature kombucha with botanical superfoods to offer additional antioxidants. Flavors include Maca-Berry, Sweet Thorn, Power-Greens and seasonal Holiday Cheers all help to make up this line of delicious teas.

If you didn't think it could get any better, you were wrong. This spring Health-Ade is debuting two new flavors, Reishi-Chocolate and Blood Orange-Carrot-Ginger. The Reishi-Chocolate features the superfood mushrooms blended with chocolate to create a Tootsie Roll-like flavor.

#SpoonTip: Reishi mushrooms have been used for years in many cultures to promote health, longevity and strength. 

The Fermentation Process

Health-Ade's fermentation process is what truly sets them apart from the pack. Fermentation is really what makes kombucha, kombucha. During the multi-step fermentation process, bacteria and yeast cultures grow and are then transferred to a closed container where the CO2 produced from the yeast cannot escape, in turn resulting in the all-natural bubbly carbonation we all know and love. 

Health-Ade is the only commercial kombucha fermented 100% in glass, rather than plastic or metal. This prevents plastic and metal leaching and creates the carbonated flavor that is distinctly different than any other commercial brand of kombucha


With a tagline to "follow your gut", Health-Ade's mission is to instill confidence in people to trust their instincts to lead a healthier and happier life.