It's now officially halfway through the semester, which means many college students are either returning from fall break, or about to go on fall break, which usually includes spending a weekend at home with their families. I'm currently experiencing the former. 

Weekends at home and away from the chaos of college are so few and far between, making them so special that they are almost coveted. College students spend their entire day on the go. They are constantly studying, doing homework, going to classes, and doing extra circulars. Add balancing a social life to that and you get exhausted students.

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Jacqueline Kindler

Home is truly the only place that allows college students to take a break. Weekends at school are arguably crazier than weekdays, making relaxing almost impossible. Students barely have enough time to do all of the work required of them. Home is the only place that is free of stress, free of work, and free of all commitments.

Here are all the reasons going home while in college is so special.


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Ashley Hamati

Home also holds all of the comforts that simply do not exist at school. There is nothing like getting into your own bed and cozying up to Netflix. Home also holds all of the little things that you just cannot find at school.

Having your own bathroom and shower do not seem like a big deal, but sharing a bathroom with countless other people for months makes you appreciate the little things. Compare sharing a tiny dorm room with another person to having an entire room to yourself, and you'll understand why returning to campus after a weekend home is such a struggle.


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Mira Nguyen

Possibly the best part of going home is eating all of the food you missed while being at school. Whether it's home cooked food or food you can only get in your hometown, being away for months makes you miss it more than you ever thought you would. There's nothing like having your mom cook for you for the first time in months or visiting your favorite restaurant.

Students eat the same foods from the same dining halls and on campus restaurants every single day. Therefore, not only do they long for all of their favorites that they have missed while being away at school, but they also long for a change in their food routine. The same meals can get boring after a while. 


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Arguably the best part about spending a weekend home is being able to see family that you have not seen in months. Although students speak to their parents and siblings often through texting, video chat, and phone calls, this does even compare to spending actual time with them. 

For example, you can't snuggle up next to your dog over video chat. I'm sure most would agree that one of the best parts of going home for the weekend is opening the door to your home and your dog running towards you. Who doesn't want that? 


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Julia Gilman

Even though students have friends at school, there is nothing like seeing home friends and going back to doing all of your favorite home activities. Whether it's going to the mall, the movies, or just a home friend's house, these are things that you can't do at school (specifically if you don't have a car).

Seeing your best friend from home and catching up on everything you have missed over the past weeks is one of the best feelings in the world. Spending time with someone that means so much to you and now lives so far away is one of the most rewarding parts of coming home for the weekend.

Zoe Malin

As hard as it is to leave friends, assignments, and more, the second I get home and sit on my couch, cuddle with my dog, and lay in my bed, I start to remember how much I miss the comforts of home. Not to mention, it's a much needed break to power me through the rest of the semester.