As a psychology major, I'm a firm believer that your personality shapes your behavior. And although no research has been done on the topic (yet), I believe this extends to how someone cuts, bites, and chows down on their sandwich. It is a behavior, after all.

So here is how your sandwich needs correlate to your personality. What am I? An open-faced sandwich girl (think: toast). Read on to find out what your sandwich eating habits mean about your personality.

Cut in Half: Type A

Hailey Maher

Just like everything else in your life, you want your sandwich to be perfect and precise. Cutting your sandwich in half gets the job done efficiently, effectively, and still keeps the sandwich orderly and in-tact. 

Roll It Up: Versatile

Peter Yu

If you eat your sandwich rolled up (i.e., a wrap), then you're a jack of many trades. You like variety in your life just as much as you like variety in your sandwich.

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Cut in Diagonal: Practical

Audrey Mirabito

If you're the type to cut his or her sandwich diagonally, you're one for pragmatism. You like to have a little fun (hence why you don't cut your sandwich down the middle), but at the same time, cutting the sandwich is effective. No spillage (kind of). 

No Cutting at All: Chill

Sara Brown

Do you just bite into your sandwich? Then you're laid-back, relaxed, and know how to let go. You won't be bothered with cutting your sandwich; it's just wasted effort and time. Besides, biting it directly gets the same job done, and prevents any spillage from cutting. 

Cut Off the Crusts: High Maintenance

Tarika Narain

Let's be real here—if you're the type that can't eat a sandwich without the crusts on, you're high maintenance. Don't be ashamed, though, you just know what you want and want things to be that way. Personally, I always wanted my crusts cut off as a child, but my dad would never let me because it was a "waste of food." Ugh. 

Open-Face: Creative

Brittany Arnett

If you're one who never smushes your two pieces of bread together (er, you love toast), then you have a creative mind. You love to show off your creativity even through your food, and open-faced sandwiches let you do just that. A little avocado rose here, a little dash of hemp seeds there?

Ice Cream: Playful

Bernard Wen

If the sandwiches you most often consume are ice cream sandwiches, then you are a true kid at heart. Your playful nature is embodied by your eating habits. You probably also love chicken fingers and still enjoy apple juice. Go you.

You Don't Eat Sandwiches: Boring

Keikichi Littleton

Sorry, not sorry, but if you're not a lover of sandwiches, then you are plain boring. What do you eat instead? Salads? Lame. Come on! Live a little. Unless you're gluten-free and the bread is subpar. Then, it makes sense.

So there you have it, my non-scientific psychological analysis of all sandwich eaters (and non-eaters) out there. It may not be totally backed by science, but hey, it's pretty darn close. What does your sandwich habit say about you?