What do I imagine when I imagine living my best life? It usually involves any food I want at my beck and call. Mac and cheese? You've got it. Blueberry pancakes? Coming right up. Fresh sushi? Oh, it's already here. Although this fantasy is far from a reality for me, for a lot of celebrities, it is their reality. A celebrity with a personal chef has a pretty easy life, but what is like to be a celebrity's personal chef? 

Hire me!

How in the world does anyone get this job? In my mind, I would stalk celebrities and ambush them by stuffing a delicious bite of food in their mouths, but I would imagine this ends with a restraining order rather than a job offer.

Accord to Coveteur, Chef Lauren Gerrie (pictured above with her client, THE Marc Jacobs), met Marc Jacobs through her boyfriend, who was the director of digital for Marc Jacobs.

Chef Aleem, Chef to big names like 2 Chainz, Kanye West and Big Sean, told The Source that he met 2 Chainz when 2 Chainz would eat at Chef Aleem's restaurant. They had mutual friends, and when 2 Chainz bought a tour bus with a kitchen, he invited Chef Aleem to come – the rest is history.

According to Bon Appetit, Chef Debbie Solomon, chef to beloved RiRi, got her job the way I knew a boy liked me in 6th grade. Solomon received an anonymous call requesting she bring a meal to Sony Studios (My question is: did they use *67?). She didn't even know it was Rihanna until she was hired. 

Stars, they're just like us... They eat!

I know what you're thinking – what does Rihanna eat, so I can eat it too? Chef Debbie Solomon said that she cooks a mix of her signature Jamaican food with the Barbadian and Guyanese food that Rihanna grew up eating. Rihanna's mom actually helped Solomon learn the ropes of RiRi's fave dishes.

What is Marc Jacobs fuel for his amazing designs? Chicken mostly. Chef Lauren Gerrie told Covetour, "For Marc, I cook a lot of chicken — it’s one of his favorite proteins. I work with it a lot: be it whole roast chicken or different cures."

You just have to check out Chef Aleem's Insta to see his passion for good southern food and seafood. Shrimp and grits for me, please! 

What would these cooks cook for themselves? 

If you want to find really good food, find out what a chef is eating. Chef Lauren Gerrie said she believes in food that makes you feel good, but that is really good quality and everything in moderation. Amen! As for her guilty pleasure? She said, "I would probably skip mains for the most part if it meant I could have the best dessert ever. I love ice cream."

Chef Debbie Solomon echoes Gerrie's thoughts; she believes in eating things that are rich and delicious, but in moderation. Solomon won't waste calories on bad quality food – I know I'd want to eat a meal with her.

Chef Aleem lives a very different life. From humble beginnings, he acquired a taste for a meal he still eats today: ramen noodles. 

Although I may not get my food cooked for me and I still have to do the dishes, I can keep dreaming of having these celebrity's personal chefs maybe one day cook for me.