Deciding on a spring break destination this year was tough. I was hoping was that we wouldn't end up choosing a stereotypical, wild party all day everyday location. While I definitely like to drink and party, given that I am a college student, I didn't want to be sloppily drunk off my ass and hungover the whole time, but I still wanted to do something that allowed me to get a little drunk while being more low-key. 

We're Going to Disney World!

When we finally decided to spend some time in Disney World, I felt a magical sense of excitement like a little kid. This would be such a fun way to have an entertaining break with my friends. I also had been hearing lately about how people "drink around the world," at Epcot, which I figured I would try out myself. I wouldn't be able to drink at every country because 11 drinks would maybe be a few too many, and I also just couldn't afford to spend that much money.

Out of the four of us, just my friend and I are 21. So the two of us were excited about being able to buy drinks at Disney and see what it is like to get a little drunk in a new setting. Our first day was spent in Epcot, where we tried to drink around the world.


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Helaina Cozza

We began our journey at Mexico at around noon. That's totally an acceptable time to begin drinking right? I had heard from a friend that I should try the avocado margarita, so I went for that. I love margaritas and it definitely intrigued me. It was pretty pricey, but it was a large size and strong enough to get me buzzed so I was happy.

It had more of a smoothie taste and consistency than a typical margarita, but it was yummy and refreshing. We were then chilling and walking around exploring for a bit and I felt the alcohol swirling in my system.

2 PM

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Helaina Cozza

At around 2 we got our second drink. Enough time had passed that it felt like it was time for another one. I ordered a grapefruit beer at Germany and it was deliciously citrus-y and light. At 2:30 we were already rushing to have our third drink in Italy. We happened to be there during the International Flower and Garden Festival, so there were small pop-up places throughout the countries in addition to the normal places.

My friend and I went to one of the pop-ups and both ordered Prosecco and a small plate of meatballs. At this point I still had some beer leftover, so tried to quickly chug it in order to enjoy my classy Prosecco and meatballs while having a great view of the Epcot ball. Everything started to hit me a little harder, and I was enjoying it.

4 PM

Helaina Cozza

At 4:00 we got a beer flight from America that had 3 small samples of different beers in them, which I had two of. They didn't taste great but I drank them anyway. I was feeling energized again by pushing through the tiredness. I was awake, happy and in the sun.

At around 4:30, we went to a pop-up in Japan and my friend and I each ordered a small amount of food and matcha sake. It was a small glass and had a nice tea flavor.

Ending the Day

By 5:00 I started to sober up, and spent the rest of the day that way because we did not order any more drinks. I had a good time and I I had a solid amount of alcohol during this experience. I was able to get drunk to the point of being giddy, but I didn't get messy or sick. I do think if I try this again, however, that I could stand to order a few more drinks and be okay. Spring break in Disney may not sound like a party, but it was LIT.