In the past year or so, many of my friends have become vegetarians or vegans which, believe it or not, has proven to be a real struggle on my part. As someone who has grown up eating meat for much of her life, it has been weird for me to see many of my friends give it up entirely. At restaurants, especially, it is hard to watch my friends order a salad and not feel guilty about ordering that cheeseburger I've been craving. 

For those of you who used to be as obsessed with "Full House"  as I was, I have put together a list of the phases I go through when I go out to eat with one of my vegetarian friends. These phases are best represented by Michelle Tanner's infamous one-liners and facial expressions.

1. When Your Best Friend Asks if You Want to Go Out to Eat 

Blowing all my money I just made from the job I constantly complain about on food? YES, PLEASE!

2. When They Ask For The Vegetarian Menu and It All Comes Back to You

I guess that tiny detail seemed to slip my mind for the ten-thousandth time. Best friend of the year award goes to...

3. When They Tell You Not to Feel Guilty About Ordering Meat

You really want me to eat a whole hamburger in front of you? I know you are fully aware of what that cow went through. 

4. So You Settle for The Caesar Salad Instead

So much for those chicken strips I was prepared to order without even having to look at the menu. 

5. Then The Waiter/Waitress Brings The Table Next to You's Food, Which Consists of Every Meat Known to Man

Never has a hotdog off the kid's menu looked so good. 

6. But, Then The Waiter/Waitress Brings Out Your Salad

Taking that first bite of tasteless, crunchy lettuce can be a real mood killer. 

7. The Look You Give Your Friend When You Glance Up to Find Them Enjoying Their Tofu Spinach Lasagna

Does anyone even know what that is?

8. The Realization Hitting You That You Just Consumed Something Somewhat Healthy 

*Eats a salad* Wow, I'm going to be so skinny tomorrow.

9. At The End of The Day You Know You Can Always Count On Your Friend When it Comes to Dessert

And somehow you both always have room for dessert.

10. Plus, You Can Always Rely On Your Fridge At Home to Be Stocked Full of Your Favorite Meats

Mom pulls through once again. 

At the end of the day, I have my friends to thank for helping me to overcome my pickiness and venture further out of my comfort zone when it comes to food. As hard as it is to order something other than chicken strips at times, I wouldn't eat a veggie burger for anyone else.