We are at peak winter, with some areas already consistently seeing snow. Snow is such a fun thing to play with — making snowmen, having snowball fights, going sledding, etc. You can even cook with snow. Mixing food with snow is a regional winter favorite. Why not make the most of those fluffy piles of snow? Having fresh snow is ideal for making snow cones, snow pops, and snow cream. Snow cream can be made wherever it has snowed and is a perfect activity for when you are stuck at home on snow days. Here’s how you can make it.

What is snow cream?

Snow Cream is popular where it snows heavily. “Always make snow cream after the first snow,” commented a user on @ramblinrosie024’s TikTok who’s making snow cream because it snowed in Mississippi.

It is also a childhood favorite. “Snow cream is a core memory growing up in Appalachia,” captioned by @lakynsappalachianlife on TikTok. 

In the video, snow cream is made by adding a heap of snow in a bowl and mixing in sugar, vanilla extract, and condensed milk. It’s the purest form of ice cream.

The recipe does vary — some even include eggs, while others omit that ingredient. In @the_hamilyfamily’s TikTok, snow cream is made by mixing together eight cups of fresh snow, a dash of vanilla extract, a cup of whipped topping, a third cup of sugar, and gradually adding milk until your desired creaminess.

You can also make smaller batches like @lakynsappalachianlife and @mamabearmeals’. The latter includes half a cup of milk, a quarter cup of sugar, a bit of vanilla, and four cups of snow. To finish it off, add whatever toppings you like. 

Can you eat snow?

Yes, you can! According to NPR, it’s better to wait a few hours into the snowfall to gather your snow because as the “snow falls, the lower the pollution levels in the air, and thus in the snow.”

Just make sure the snow you’re grabbing is white, not yellow or any other color.