Shakshuka, pronounced shack-shoe-cuh, is a Mediterranean dish primarily served for breakfast. You've probably seen it on hundreds of brunch menus. But what is shakshuka exactly made of? Well, it comes in many different varieties. 

What is Shakshuka?

Jackie Heller

Classic shakshuka is poached eggs in a tomato-based sauce with chili peppers and onions. Some variations include potatoes, cheese, chorizo, or beans. Shakshuka is typically spicy, with spices like cumin, paprika, and cayenne pepper added as well. 

Shakshuka is also typically served in the skillet it's made in to keep it from falling apart. Using a skillet is also great because the dish stays hot while you eat it. Win-win!

Where Did Shakshuka Come From?

Shakshuka is said to originate from the Ottoman Empire, where tomato-based stews were popular. Jewish communities in the Ottoman Empire served a variation of the shakshouka, and Tunisian Jews created the spicy version. However, some people believe shakshuka came from Ottoman Turkey, and others think it's from Morocco. However, the dish has become extremely popular in Israel since it was brought over by Tunisian Jews. 

How to Make Shakshuka

soup, bread, parsley, vegetable, cream, meat
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Grab your onions, tomatoes, peppers, cheese, and eggs. It's time to make shakshuka. This shakshuka recipe is super easy and it's ready in just 30 minutes. The most important thing when making it is to let the sauce thicken. It's important to let the sauce simmer over medium heat before adding the eggs or cheese. Once it's ready, shakshuka is great served with some bread or pita on the side to soak up the leftover sauce. 

Want More Shakshuka?

If you ever find yourself in Tel Aviv, Dr. Shakshuka is the place to eat. But, if you're not in Israel, you'll just have to find shakshuka on a menu near you, or work on perfecting your shakshuka recipe. Pro tip: Try making it in an avocado.