You've might of heard about the health benefits of Manuka Honey over the past year. Ranging from helping to soothe a sore throat to clearing up acne, Manuka Honey is very powerful and everyone wants to get their hands on some. Comvita, the #1 UMF Manuka Honey brand, recently introduced its new Multifloral Manuka Honey and now it's available to more people than ever before. 

Comvita's Multiforal Manuka Honey  

Photo by Aline Ponce and Michael Hulswit

Comvita's Multifloral Manuka Honey was created to cater to those who wanted to experience the health benefits of Manuka Honey at a more affordable price point. Who doesn't love a good deal? 

Comvita's Multifloral Manuka Honey comes from the remote forests of New Zealand and contains a minimum of 50 mg/kg of MGO or Methylglyoxal. Methylglyoxal is the key natural compound derived from the Manuka flower known for its antibacterial activity.

This Multiflower Manuka Honey is made with a blend of Manuka and other native New Zealand wildflowers which provides its rich, exotic flavor unlike any other floral honey while also working to aid in natural immunity, gut health and overall wellness.

Compared to Comvita's UMF™ Manuka Honey, the Multifloral Manuka Honey has a smoother and creamier texture in addition to a lighter color and more exotic flavor. 

If your looking to experience the benefits of Manuka Honey at a more affordable price point, Comvita's Multifloral Manuka Honey is definitely the way to go.

The product is available in two sizes, 8.8 oz ($15.99 - $17.99), and a 17.6 oz ($25.99 - $29.99), on Amazon,, and other fine retailers.