What is a sugar apple? Is that the apple people eat on a stick in the fall? No, that's a candy apple. Well, a sugar apple is an actual type of fruit. Read on to learn what exactly it is.

What is it?

Also called the custard apple, among many other names, including the scientific name "Annona squamosa," a sugar apple is a small fruit, part of the Annonaceae family, and is popular in the tropics. It is believed to have originated from Central America or the West Indies.

A sugar apple has a creamy yellow or white flesh and a knobby exterior. The fruit tastes minty or like custard. Most sugar apples have green skin but dark red ones are becoming more common as well.

The sugar apples grow on a small tree that loses leaves for a few weeks in the winter. New leaves, as well as flowers, will grow at the beginning or spring. The fruit will then ripen through the summer and early fall.


There are also many benefits of the sugar apple. It has many vitamins and minerals such as protein, zinc, and potassium. It is also heavy in folic acid, which is a highly important vitamin for pregnant women. Women trying to conceive are recommended to have folate as well, and sugar apples also benefit lactating mothers by promoting milk production.

There are numerous other health benefits such as dermatological benefits, asthma prevention, controlled cholesterol, healthy bones, and much more. It can even be used for menstruating women to replenish lost minerals. So next time it's that time of the month, why not grab a sugar apple?

#SpoonTip: Use a sugar apple as a hair treatment for moisturized and shiny hair


The sugar apple can be eaten on its own, which sounds delicious enough, but it is also found in things such as beverages and ice creams.

So now you know the answer to the question, "What is a sugar apple?".  I think I'll be booking my tropical vacation now, to look for sugar apples of course.