Do you eat your greens everyday? I'll be the first to admit that I don't, but I do try to incorporate them into my diet at least 2-3x a week. Instead of grabbing a granola bar when you're on-the-go whether it's on the way to class or a virtual Zoom meeting, meet Undressed. 

What Is Undressed?

Photo courtesy of Undressed

Undressed was created to help make greens more accessible to those on the go. Bars are ideal snacks because they are easy and portable. You might not be able to eat a salad while you're on-the-go, but a salad bar is a different story. 

Undressed's goal is to help people nourish their body with quick snacks that are healthy and nutritious rather than sweet and sugary. Unfortunately, sugary granola bars won't give you the energy you need to get through the day, so that's where Undressed comes in. 

Undressed makes leafy greens more tasty and delicious than ever before. Each bar is made with as many organic ingredients as possible and each ingredient serves a purpose. 

Some of the ingredients used to create these salad bars include a combination of almonds, apples, black pepper, chia seeds, chili powder, chicory root, chipotle, cilantro, coconut oil, cranberries, cumin, sea salt, garlic, ginger, gum acacia, honey, kale, lemon, sesame seeds, rosemary, spinach, tomato and white balsamic. Do you know what's even better? There isn't a single ingredient you can't pronounce. 

Undressed Salad Bars come in four unique flavors: Cilantro Lime, Honey Mustard, Chipotle Cranberry and Sesame Ginger. 

As a honey mustard enthusiast, that bar was definitely my favorite. You definitely feel like you're eating a snack that is healthy for your body and therefore it makes you feel even better. If your looking for a little kick, I'd suggest the Chipotle Cranberry. 

Where To Find Undressed

Photo courtesy of Undressed

Looking to try Undressed for yourself? These salad bars can be purchased online in cases of 12. You can purchase each flavor separate or a variety pack that contains three of each. 

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