In honor of the new "Incredibles" sequel, it felt only natural to make a quiz telling you which superhero you are most like based on your food taste. After all, our eating preferences tend to reflect our personality, and also, let's be real. We've all secretly wondered which Incredible we are. With each Incredible having a vastly different personality and superpower, I think it's safe to say the characters in this super-powered family all have vastly different food tastes. Do you eat spontaneously and try strange foods like Jack-Jack, or are you more of a conservative eater like Violet? Take this quiz and find out which Incredible you really are.

First off, what is your ideal breakfast?

syrup, egg, cream, sweet, butter, honey, pancake
Christin Urso

A: Pancakes with maple syrup

B: Eggs and Bacon

C: Captain Crunch French Toast

D: Acai breakfast bowl

F: Oatmeal

What is your go-to snack?

cutie, tangerine, clif bar, studying, snacks, study snack, textbook, notes
Jocelyn Hsu

A: Potato Chips

B: Cheese and crackers

C: Gushers

D: An apple

F: A kind bar

You're having friends over for dinner, what do you make?

pasta, macaroni, spaghetti, scrambled, cheese, vegetable
Jocelyn Hsu

A: Grilled hamburgers 

B: I don't make anything, I order pizza instead

C: Mac n Cheese

D: Stir Fry

F: Quesadillas

What is your favorite non alcoholic drink?

coke, soda, Coca-Cola, City, Skyline
Tess Tarantino

A: Rootbeer

B: Monster energy drink

C: Mountain Dew Livewire

D:  Smoothie

F: Coca Cola 

You're at the coffee shop, what you do order?

#blueprint #coffee, coffee, WUSTL
Charlotte Ohana

A: Drip coffee with half & half

B: Americano 

C: A Frappucino or something similar  

D: A mocha with non fat milk

F: Iced dirty chai 

Finally, what dessert out of these choices do you like the most?

chocolate, brownie, cake, peanut, fudge
Gaby Derlly

A: Brownies

B: Ice cream

C: Rice Krispies 

D: Oatmeal raisin cookies

F: Chocolate chip cookies


Mostly A's: Mr Incredible 

Like Mr. Incredible, you like simple but classic food. You're always happy to host a barbecue, and then go save the world afterwards. You also have a bit of a sweet tooth, you probably snuck snacks as a child (or maybe still do).  

Mostly B's: Dash

Just like Dash, you're fast and always on the move. You're hyper and somewhat inpatient, so it makes sense you would want food that is easy to make but also keeps you energized. You're never afraid to grab an energy bar before you study or go to work. 

Mostly Cs: Jack-Jack

You're a bit of a child at heart. You love childhood snacks, especially ones with crazy combinations. You're also definitely not afraid to try new foods, and no one really can predict what you'll order at a restaurant. Therefore, it makes sense you'd be Jack-Jack since both of you are spontaneous eaters.

Mostly Ds: Elastigirl 

When it comes to food, you're always going to choose the healthiest option. You're always making sure what you eat is not only tasty, but also good for you. But that doesn't mean that you're a picky eater. Like Elastigirl, you're flexible when it comes to food. You have a variety of things you like and you're always open to new ideas when it comes to cooking.

Mostly Fs: 

You prefer to stick to the basics when it comes to food. You don't want to attract any attention by ordering something crazy at the restaurant, so you typically stick to the general options. But that doesn't mean you don't appreciate food! Just like Violet, even though you prefer to be discreet with your food choices, you still occasionally are willing to try new things and be a little more adventurous!