As 2017 was in full swing, it was time to make a big change. Most people start changing their diets at this point, so why shouldn't I? Instead of the overrated diets and juice cleanses I had been hearing about, I yearned for something new. Little did I know, a new eating plan would surprise me without even having to organize it: the Cheesie's diet.

Cheesie's Pub and Grub, just a few blocks from my dorm, was the answer I never knew I needed to hear. I ate there three days in a row (all while completely sober, a feat for a Northwestern student), overall sampling four different sandwiches, two sides and one dessert off of their cheesy menu. My purpose today is to document my journey, including my very own snapchats at the scene, so you can see if this diet is the one for you.

Day 1

bacon, sandwich, cheese
Alicia Wala

After hanging out with some friends in my dorm, we decided we were all starving. It was late, and everything around us was closed, except for one shining beacon of tastiness: Cheesie's.  My Cheesie's diet began without me even knowing it, and I was excited. 

Together, we ordered three sandwiches for the four of us. The Mac, the Tenderizer, and the Caprese. My friend and I traded halves of our sandwiches for a maximum taste experience, and I ended up with half of the Mac and half of the Caprese. I was not disappointed.

The Caprese had the perfect balance of cheese, tomato and basil, so it felt like I was eating healthy already. The Mac was a classic: cheesy and gooey and absolutely everything dreams are made of. I ate both halves. I was content. I thought I would not be back to Cheesie's for a short while. I was wrong.

Day 2

bacon, cheddar, cheese
Alicia Wala

I had family in town to visit me, and we went to see a performance slightly off campus. While dropping me off, my cousin said she was hungry and asked me if anything was open. Since it was late, my mind was on nothing other than Cheesie's. She loved the idea. We drove there immediately. My Cheesie's diet lived on for another day.

This time, my group ordered two portions of the Mac, while I tried the Frenchie. I was not disappointed, and as first-timers at Cheesie's, neither was my family. The Mac was praised, as always, and the Frenchie, stuffed with french fries and happiness, was delicious.

We finished up all of our respective sandwiches, and I was feeling full. I was dropped off at my dorm and preceded to lay in bed for half an hour before I could move again. I think this lifestyle is treating me well.

Day 3

Alicia Wala

I thought my relationship with Cheesie's was going to take a short break. Two days in a row had already sent me into a food coma. Then I got a text message from my cousin. She was coming back, this time with her little sister, because she heard about Cheesie's and decided she had to try it immediately. They were going to be at my dorm in an hour and a half. In preparation of the final stage of my diet, I went to the gym and worked out before they picked me up. It felt right. My Cheesie's diet was here to stay.

Back at Cheesie's, this time at 2:00 p.m. on a Sunday, this was not the nighttime crowd I was used to. But it didn't matter. I thought I wouldn't have a taste for grilled cheese anymore. I debated getting tomato soup instead, but I was so wrong. As soon as I walked in, I knew exactly what I wanted: the Tenderizer. Also included in our order was another Tenderizer, the Mac, and the Caprese, along with cheese curds, fried pickles and cheesecake bites. We were all in.

The Tenderizer tasted like everything I dreamed of and more. Chicken tenders, cheese, hot sauce — what more could you desire? The cheese curds and fried pickles were nice additions to the main courses, complimenting the greasy sandwich with more differing types of grease.

The cheesecake bites were warm and came with chocolate dip, and they were small bites of delightful sweetness. I was dropped back off at my dorm and had to lay in my bed for an hour before I could think straight. I don't know if my body has forgiven me yet

My body definitely needed more recovery time between meals at Cheesie's, and I thought I wouldn't want to even think of grilled cheese for a very long time after my third day there. To be honest, I've had Cheesie's cravings since the first day I wasn't there. Maybe this diet isn't so bad for me after all. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.