Halloween is right around the corner, which means group costumes are being planned and stress levels are high. As we grow older we tend to forget about the best part of Halloween: the excuse to eat absurd amounts of candy. Trying to decide what your signature candy should be for this holiday season is overwhelming, too many choices, so why not let your astrological sign do it for you. Here is what Halloween candy you should eat based off your zodiac sign:  

Aries: Sour Patch Kids

Dive into a box of these sugary sour candies Aries because Sour Patch Kids are your candy of choice! You are known to be stubborn and willful, which means you are prone to enjoying something with a little more of a kick. Let your competitive side take over and see how many you can eat without puckering your face! 

Libra: M&Ms

m&m, sweet, chocolate, candy
Alex Frank

Libras are balanced and fair, so what better candy than one whose different colors all have the same milk chocolate flavor? M&Ms are your go to candy because like you, they are a classic whose crunchy chocolate taste never deceives. If you are feeling more on the daring side, try speciality M&Ms like the pretzel or crispy ones. 

Taurus: Twix Bar

Grab a Twix Bar Taurus because both you and this delicious candy have layers, emphasis on the "s". A Twix Bar has a crunchy butter cookie layer, a caramel layer, and a milk chocolate layer, which emulates you as someone who is both diligent and hardworking but also sweet and caring. You are both complicated, which makes you all the more interesting and delicious.  

Scorpio: Dark Chocolate

beer, coffee, tea
Jeanne Kessira

As Halloween falls under your time of the year Scorpio, you are in your prime. What better way to celebrate this than a rich flavorful piece of dark chocolate? Dark chocolate suits you because like you, its flavor is intense and bold. Use your passionate energy to find the brand of dark chocolate that tickles your fancy the most. 

Gemini: Starbursts

Starburst, chocolate, sweet, candy
Caroline Ingalls

You are adventurous, social and colorful as a Gemini, which is why Starburst are your candy of choice. Their fruity colorful taste is both fun and loud, just like you. It would be a real win if you could snag Starburst Tropical because its bursts with even more flavor.  

Sagittarius: Reese's  

cake, cream, sweet, butter, peanut, candy, peanut butter, chocolate
Laura Palladino

Reese's have a sweet chocolate exterior filled with a salty, savory peanut butter filling, which makes it the perfect candy for a Sagittarius. Like a Reese's, you are sweet and inspiring, but you also have a salty layer that is honest and to the point. If you are feeling extra festive, grab the Reese's that are shaped like pumpkins. 

Cancer: Milky Way 

Cancer, this Halloween season you get to indulge in smooth, sweet, melt in your mouth Milky Way. This candy is the perfect fit for you because like the taste of a Milky Way, you are sweet and comforting. Hand out candy this year to little kids to get in touch with your domestic, maternal side. 

Capricorn: Candy Corn

As someone who tends to be loyal to the classics, your go to candy is Candy Corn. The sugary, festive, bite sized candy is similar to you because it is both traditional and spirited to its holiday. Make sure to stock up on these goodies because the best Candy Corn is a seasonal treat. 

Leo: Laffy Taffy 

Leo’s are known for their entertaining, laugh inducing personalities, so what better candy for one then a Laffy Taffy? Laffy Taffy is sweet, flavorful, and whimsical, which appeals to your fun and courageous side. With an array of flavors, there is no chance of boredom with this classic candy. 

Virgo: Smarties

Although it's a myth that Smarties make you smarter, treat yourself to these little sugary tablets this Halloween. Smarties are easy to eat and share with others, which goes well with your practical, resourceful side. One pack is only 25 calories, which appeals to your healthy side! 

Pisces: Hershey Kisses

Get ready for lots of kisses this Halloween because your candy of choice is a Hershey Kiss. This smooth, chocolate candy is perfect for you, as someone who is a romantic. Although you may prefer Valentines Day, getting chocolate on Halloween is from a loved one is just as satisfying. 

Aquarius: Kit Kat 

This milk chocolate wafer candy is your go to candy this Halloween. It is the ideal candy for you because they are easy to break off and share. You are someone who values community and connecting with others, and what's better than doing that with a Kit Kat?