Gossip Girl here. We all know that on the Upper East Side, the van der Woodsens and the Waldorfs are treating themselves to delectable Parisian desserts, rather than hand held color-dyed cupcakes. However, imagine if our favorite Gossip Girl characters were our favorite cupcakes—just kidding, we did it for you.

Serena van der Woodsen: Lemon Cupcake

The tangy and whimsical blond, that is Serena van der Woodsen, is the "it girl" that has it all. Don't be deceived by her good looks though, she has no problem with taking you on—and she would probably win. Although as sweet as can be, she has a zest that people can't resist.

Blair Waldorf: Too Good for a Cupcake

Blair Waldorf would never be seen eating a cupcake, let alone be compared to one. Instead, Blair is a pistachio macaron from Ladurée. Whether it's when her heart has been broken once again by Chuck, or a scheme that goes according to plan, these meringue-based confections never fail. 

Nate Archibald: Rich Red Velvet

Where to begin with Nate. He is hands down the most dependable and loyal one out there—just like red velvet cupcakes. They never fail you! Both Nate and red velvet cupcakes have the perfect amount of sweetness and no matter where you go, they'll always be true to who they are.

Dan Humphrey: Jalapeño Corn Muffin

As bland as this lonely boy may seem, we all know he had the juiciest secret of them all. Nonetheless, Dan's interesting sense of humor and dry sense of style contribute to the boring outer part of his cupcake.

However, Dan's secret spices things up and adds the jalapeño to the muffin. Dating a movie star and having two Upper East Side socialites is surprising to someone who first notices his quirky and hipster personality. You can find these jalapeño corn muffins in any Brooklyn bakery. As much as he tries to be spicy, it only goes so far.

Jenny Humphrey (Little J): Devil's Food Cupcakes

Jenny's transformation from season one to season six is something Gossip Girl fans will never forget. From when she was Daddy's little girl to when she became queen of Constance, Jenny was always full of surprises. Wearing all black with the thick eyeliner, Jenny has always had a dark side—but sweet when she wanted to be.

Chuck Bass: Spiced Rum Cupcake

It wouldn't be Chuck Bass without alcohol. Starting from season one, we have always seen him with a glass in hand. Whether scheming with or against Blair, Chuck never has a dull moment. After all, he is Chuck Bass

You know you love me (and cupcakes).

xoxo, Gossip Girl