If you’re me or my friend Jack, then you must be pretty freaking excited that Netflix is producing the next season of Black Mirror and there is going to be twelve, hell yeah TWELVE, episodes all available on the ‘flix for your viewing pleasure. And what pairs better with TV than food? Literally nothing. So get your snacks and get yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally prepared for Black Mirror.

1. The National Anthem: Bacon, Jalapeño, Cream Cheese Poppers

Black Mirror

Photo by Celeste Holben

On the outside, these poppers will just look like little dough balls. But take a bite because you’ve got a flavor explosion on your hands. Similar to this episode, this snack will show you to look closer. What you’re looking for might be just under your nose. Jalapeño for shock factor, cream cheese for a cool finish, and bacon because, well, you’ll just have to watch and see.

2. Fifteen Million Merits: PB & Chocolate Protein Balls

Black Mirror

Photo by Sara Tane

This episode could make you physically tired as you watch an entirely plausible dystopian future unfold before your eyes and hypothetically plot to take down the domineering government that has oppressed you and your people. Also there is A LOT of biking involved, so you’re going to need your protein.

3. The Entire History of You: Old Fashioned

Black Mirror

Photo by Ceci Leng

Liam drinks a lot, so go ahead and join him in his misery for 48 minutes. After the episode, you can sit by yourself and imagine every mistake you’ve ever made. You won’t even need a grain to do it.

4. Be Right Back: Birthday Cake

Black Mirror

Photo by Grace Phillips

I don’t want to ruin the episode, but just trust that this makes sense. If you’ve seen this episode, then am I right guys? If you haven’t cried while eating birthday cake before, you will now.

5. White Bear: Trail Mix

Black Mirror

Photo courtesy of greatist.com

“White Bear” is my favorite episode. The ending is unimaginable. On a more literal note, though, there is a lot of trail running in this episode, so why not snack on some delicious trail mix. You’ll stress-eat the shit out of this.

6. The Waldo Moment: Alcoholic Gummy Bears

Black Mirror

Gif courtesy of giphy.com

Alcoholic gummy bears pair well with this episode because, at first, they look harmless. Then you digest what’s going on and realize that things are actually much worse than you originally imagined. Also, Waldo is a bear, so that’s cute, right? Try all of these gummy bear pairings so by the end on the episode you could also be harassed by police, just like Jamie.

7. White Christmas: Christmas Cookies

Black Mirror

Photo by Sarah Comerford

You will literally need (not want, NEED) something sweet to eat while you watch what could possibly be the most depressing seventy-three minutes of television ever made. Only bad things happen. But Jon Hamm is in it, so silver lining. And you’ll be eating cookies, so just focus on how incredible both your cookies and this series is instead of crying about the bleakness of our future.