Haven’t you always wondered what each president would be if they were a food? Alright, well maybe you haven’t, but us spoonies have. Read on to see which president is your favorite food.

1. George Washington


Photo by Monica Lazarus

The first President is incontestably a cherry, due to the myth about him and a cherry tree.

2. John Adams


Photo by Kai Huang

This president is single serve Easy Mac, since no one in his family came to his inauguration. Womp womp womp.

3. Thomas Jefferson


Photo courtesy of citizenburgerbar.com

Jefferson founded the University of Virginia, so it’s only fitting that he is one of UVA’s most popular foods: the Citizen Burger.

4. James Madison


Photo by Virginia Dodenhoff

His first presidential term was known as the Era of Good Feelings, therefore, he is undoubtably Cracker Barrel’s famous comfort food: biscuits and gravy.

5. James Monroe


Photo courtesy of wikihow.com

The Capital of Liberia was named after Monroe, so he is Liberia’s traditional dish of jollof rice.

6. John Quincy Adams


Photo courtesy of pixabay.com

This president was fluent in French, which is why a chocolate éclair is best suited for him.

7. Andrew Jackson


Photo courtesy of foodinmouth.com

The capital of Mississippi was named after him, making Ben & Jerry’s Mississippi Mud Pie a perfect analogy.

8. Martin Van Buren


Photo by Zoe Zaiss

Was the first American-born president, so a classic Fourth of July barbecue hot dog suffices.

9. William Henry Harrison


Photo by Danny Schuleman

Harrison is an apple, goat cheese, and honey quesadilla since he had a pet goat.

10. John Tyler


Photo by Steph Cozza

Tyler is chili, the official dish of the state of Texas, because he annexed Texas on March 1, 1845.

11. James K. Polk


Photo by Taylor Choi

Polk is pork barbecue, since it’s a famous cuisine from his birth state of North Carolina.

12. Zachary Taylor


Photo by Amanda Shulman

Due to Taylor’s rep as a war hero in the Mexican War, he is classic guacamole – one of Mexico’s (and America’s too) most popular dishes.

13. Millard Fillmore


Photo courtesy of @glowandeat on Instagram

Fillmore ranks at the bottom of the list for the greatest presidents, which makes him liver, AKA the most hated food in America.

14. Franklin Pierce


Photo by Mischa Rajendiran

Pierce is a candy cane because he was the first president to have a Christmas tree in the White House.

15. James Buchanan


Photo by Kirby Barth

Buchanan is a single serve bag of popcorn since he was, in fact, the only president without a first lady. Tears.

16. Abraham Lincoln


Photo by Caroline Grew

This fellow is a vegetarian dish, such as, Veggie on Focaccia from Central Perk, due to his love for animals – word had it he wouldn’t hunt or fish.

17. Andrew Johnson


Photo by Christin Urso

Johnson is a piece of white bread. Why you may ask? He was drunk during his inauguration. Could have used a little help from the starch fam.

18. Ulysses S. Grant


Photo by Ceci Leng

Whiskey is Grant’s drink of choice. He was involved in the Whiskey Ring by attempting to cover for his personal secretary.

19. Rutherford B. Hayes


Photo courtesy of @lianadescala on Instagram

This president was a little goody two shoes and banned alcohol from White House, making him a virgin strawberry daiquiri.

20. James A. Garfield


Photo by Jessica Spengler

Garfield is currywurst, a popular German cuisine, because he campaigned in German and was the first President to ever campaign in various languages.

21. Chester Arthur


Photo by Erin Grady

Arthur is Insomnia cookies, due to his reputation for taking strolls around D.C. at 3 or 4 in the morning.

22. Grover Cleveland


Photo courtesy of @juicyjuiceusa on Instagram

Cleveland is a Juicy Juice apple juice. He had the youngest first lady (not to mention, Cleveland was her legal guardian at age 11 then happened to marry her 10 years later).

23. Benjamin Harrison


Photo courtesy of @flourgirlnm on Instagram

Persimmon pudding is Harrison’s food twin, being that he was the only president from Indiana, where this dessert hails from.

24. Grover Cleveland


Photo courtesy of parade.com

He’s a Double Stuf Oreo, since he was the only double president. Get it?

25. William McKinley


Photo by Alex Shapiro

Well, we know what McKinley is not, and that is a pineapple. His wife hated the color yellow and took everything out of the White House that was this color (even the flowers outside!).

26. Theodore Roosevelt


Photo by Elena Bailoni

Teddy Roosevelt is a stereotypical Dunkin Donut’s donut, since he was a NYC police commissioner.

27. William Howard Taft


Photo by Allyn Scherr

This big guy is a nutella croissant. He was a tad overweight, but actually lost 150 pounds after leaving office. Props to you, man.

28. Woodrow Wilson


Photo by Rachael Piorko

Being the only president with a PhD, Wilson is a blueberry – they are proven to help motor skills and one’s capacity to learn.

29. Warren G. Harding


Photo by Nicole Lacasse

Harding is a turkey club sandwich, a classic post-golf lunch, since he was the first president to have a golf course named after him.

30. Calvin Coolidge


Photo courtesy of @tunisiatr on Instagram

Is a black and white cookie – the same colors as his two pet raccoons, which would even roam inside the White House.

31. Herbert Hoover


Photo by Monica Cheng

Chinese dumplings are this fluent Chinese-speaking president’s food parallel. He and his wife would speak it in White House so no one would understand them.

32. Franklin D. Roosevelt


Photo courtesy of @tiegg25 on Instagram

FDR was the first president to travel via an airplane, making him a mini bag of salty peanuts.

33. Harry S. Truman


Photo courtesy of @7up on Instagram

7-Up is Truman’s food pair because both the drink and himself were born in Missouri.

34. Dwight D. Eisenhower


Photo by Abigail Wang

Fun fact: Eisenhower loved to paint – thus he is a fun platter of painted bread.

35. John F. Kennedy


Photo by Katherine Baker

JFK was weight-obsessed, therefore, he is broccoli – one of the top 10 healthiest foods.

36. Lyndon B. Johnson


Photo by Kristine Mahan

His first career was being a teacher, so he is the cliché apple, most likely found on a teacher’s desk.

37. Richard Nixon


Photo by Shannon Peters

Nixon established the Environmental Protection Agency. Therefore, he is a vegan crepe, due to the negative effects that agriculture has on the environment.

38. Gerald Ford


Photo courtesy of @sweetjumbles on Instagram

Ford was an Eagle scout, which makes him a s’more, due to the stellar, fire-making skills all those men bear.

39. Jimmy Carter


Photo by Maggie Gorman

Without doubt, Carter is this chocolate peanut butter truffles dessert, since he was a peanut farmer. He even had a giant peanut shaped balloon at his inauguration.

40. Ronald Reagan


Photo courtesy of @rachelk0208 on Instagram

Reagan is jelly beans; which was what he ate in attempt to stop his pipe-smoking habit.

41. George Bush


Photo courtesy of @lmp11 on Instagram

Was born in New Haven, CT where the infamous pizza/beer/nightclub, BAR, also resides. Hence, he is their mashed potato pizza pie.

42. Bill Clinton


Photo by Katie Russell

Clinton attended Georgetown University, making him a Georgetown Cupcake.

43. George W. Bush


Photo courtesy of @shipletdonuts on Instagram

Bush owned the Texas Rangers business franchise, so he is a Shipley Do-nut, which is also located out of Texas.

44. Barack Obama


Photo courtesy of @michaelboyda on Instagram

Last but not least, Obama. He is Hawaiian punch, because his birth place is Hawaii.