"The stars don't lie", they say. And the stars are encouraging you to get your dessert fix this week by trying out one of Donut Kingdom's gourmet donuts. Too many options to choose from? The answer to your query lies in the stars. 

Aries: Ice Cream Sandwich

An Aries is described as being dynamic, courageous, and a daredevil. An ice cream sandwich will give you all the different textures you need to be satisfied from soft and chewy to crunchy. With your confidence, you'd be willing to try this creation sprinkled in Fruity Pebbles.

Taurus: Chocolate Cake Donut

You are practical and reliable just like all things chocolate. Your friends can't go wrong with depending on you just like you can't go wrong with a chocolate cake donut. Your warmheartedness and kindness are matched with the warmth of a perfectly moist chocolate cake.

Gemini: Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles

All the other signs need to cut you some slack, Gemini. Too much animosity over your indecisiveness and moodiness, but this could all just be tied to your youthfulness. Nothing is a better reminder of your childhood than an original strawberry frosted sprinkled donut.

Cancer: Jelly-Filled Donut

Oh, Cancer, you're looked at as the most emotional and sensitive of all the signs. But you can't help but be that way when you're so caring and protective towards others. A jelly-filled donut is just like you. Firmer on the exterior, mushy on the inside. Choose from several fillings like strawberry, raspberry, caramel apple, and more.

Leo: S'mores Donut

Haters will call it being pompous and self-centered, but you know you're just a natural confident leader, Leo. The new s'mores donut encompasses your dramatic and dominant personality. The creativity of this new donut will surely excite your desire to be innovative.

Virgo: French Crueller

The intricate pattern of a French crueller coincides with your meticulous nature. Because of your practicality and modesty, you may want to try a classic flavor. The beauty of the French crueller is that it comes in a variety of flavors with their signature shape. 

Libra: Red Velvet

Some call it flirtatious, some call it romantic. Whatever it may be, you can't help but be social, Libra. A red velvet donut symbolizes the passion you have built up. Your need to be fair and diplomatic is met with red velvet – no one can deny that red velvet is a crowd favorite.

Scorpio: Vanilla Frosted with Sprinkles

Scorpios have a magnetic personality that attracts, just as this glistening vanilla sprinkled (left of coffee) does. You are as exciting and passionate as this donut exemplifies. 

Sagittarius: Snickers Donut

Your free spirit would love a unique creation like the Snickers donut. Your intellectual side knows this donut will give you the biggest bang for your buck with its diverse tastes from crunchy to creamy. 

Capricorn: Glazed Donut

Capricorn is described as more practical and reserved. Stick to the OG staple if you're not willing to experiment. You're responsible and disciplined, therefore likely to get a simpler and healthier choice (if that can even be said about donuts).

Aquarius: French Toast Donut

Although you are original, you are also inventive, Aquarius. A French toast donut has a classic French toast taste, but spices things up by creating it in donut form. This choice matches your friendly nature since it happens to be one of Donut Kingdom's most popular items and a Tallahassee staple.

Pisces: Caramel Apple Filled Frosted Donut

Just like Cancer, you are sensitive as well, which is why a filled donut still suits you. However, your creative imagination will enjoy a unique creation such as the caramel apple filled donut. Your compassion for others is matched with the warmth this choice brings to fans.

Don't feel limited to just one. After all, these donuts are irresistible and keep Tallahassee wanting more. Their convenient location makes it the optimal stop for a college student whether they're on their way to class during the day or snacking before hitting up The Strip.

#SpoonTip: Pair your donut match with one of Shake Shop's gourmet shakes to get the full experience.