Let's be honest. We've all come home from a night out, hungry and craving something very specific. You fire open a food delivery app and start scrolling until you find a restaurant with the perfect dish. But you want to make sure it is cooked exactly to your liking, as you have a very specific craving. Maybe you want the wings extra crispy. Maybe you decided you need an ungodly amount of chili oil on top of the noodles. Or maybe you want absolutely no cilantro. So you decide to add a note in the special instructions section. Sure, it's not your best written work — it's late, you're starving, and you've had a few drinks — but the words gets your point across. 

That experience is the inspiration behind Uber Eats most unique delivery requests. It's part of the brand's annual Cravings Report that compiles the most popular, the most unusual, and some of the most surprising delivery requests. It goes over delivery trends, popular food combos, frequently paired drinks and dishes, and more. But the most entertaining portion is the most surprising delivery requests from Uber Eats. These come from actual customers who wrote in these actual requests to restaurants in this exact language. Some are absolutely iconic, while others are totally cursed. Read on for most unique delivery requests from Uber Eats.

The ones that want extra everything

1. Hello angel family! Long time no order! Breasts please! Please fry me up some big ‘ole breasts! Thank you, so excited!

2. Extra cheese sauce please :) I’ll pay for it. I’m also drunk asf so if you load it up you’d make me the happiest drunk girl ever.

3. Please fry my chicken VERY hard. Very very crispy. Almost burned!

4. Sauce on everything. I mean it. Literally drown my food in that amazing nectar.

5. Hello again wonderful dreamy pizza makers! Can I please get tons of green olives and mushrooms?

6. I’m very serious about my spice so please make it super super super hot, fire spicy. Like make me cry 😢 🥵 hot!!! More 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Please make me hurt! Let’s get as spicy as possible. Hotter the better!!!

The ones that are very specific

7. Put it in a box instead of a circle container. I refuse to eat any food if presented in a circle container. Please don’t ruin my meal for me.

Photo courtesy of Uber Eats

8. I have braces and it is difficult for me to chew. Please please chop my salad and all ingredients in small, small pieces.

9. Please drench the whole bowl in white sauce with a spiral of red sauce!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Just do what I ask.

The ones that know sharing is caring

10. My cats think your chicken is crack, so this is for them!

11. Can you please write “happy half a dozen!” with a heart drawn next to it somewhere on the box? Thank you so so much!

12. Could you please write a note on the coffee saying “Hope you have a great day Jojo, I’m proud of you <3.” It’s for a girl I really like. Thanks a lot!

13. I know this is super weird… but can you please only put cheese on HALF? I’m not allergic, but I just can’t digest dairy very well. But my other half loves it. Thanks!

The ones that are poets

14. Life isn't all lighthearted laughing and good times, life is sometimes really messy. As I kicked off my shoes and decompressed from the hourly shit show I call a career, I pondered where I would get my dinner. I went and made my order and when that order came into my home, my fortress of solitude, my day was saved. Gone was the stress, hunger and curmudgeonly attitude I was harboring.

15. Every so often, a meal not only tantalizes your taste buds but also transports you – and the offerings here managed to do just that. This wasn’t just a meal; it was a celebration of Caribbean culture and culinary artistry. Thank you for delivering a slice of the Caribbean right to my doorstep.