If you’re looking for dessert after your weed-infused PB&J, Kiva’s got you covered. Kiva Confections is a California-based medical cannabis company dedicated to “developing innovative ways for people to consume cannabis which nurture, enhance and improve lives.”

Their chocolates are beautifully packaged like something you would find exclusively at Whole Foods. Each bar has 15-45 mg of TCH per serving (depending on what flavor you get), and the flavors range from blackberry dark chocolate to vanilla chai milk chocolate.

Their description reads:

Our chocolate contains only the purest, natural ingredients delivering an indulgent, velvety smooth taste without the strong flavor of cannabis.



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It gets better: they come in mini sizes too.


#Kiva #Minis come in our single strength flavors, too! #superaffordable #love #milkchocolate #medicalcannabis #chocolate #medicine #california #legalize #kivaminis #420 #marijuana #dispensary #picoftheday #follow #weedstagram

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But wait. It gets even better, because you can’t go wrong with the three C’s: coffee, chocolate and cannabis.


Introducing Terra! Roasted Tanzanian coffee beans are perfectly coated in rich Kiva™ dark chocolate with a mirror-like finish. Terra™ bites deliver approximately 5mg THC per bite, great for patients in search of the most convenient and precise dosing. #terra #terrabites #kiva #kivaconfections

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With Kiva’s focus on creating the highest-quality chocolates using all-natural ingredients, they ensure that you know what you are putting into your body. Unfortunately, Kiva isn’t able to ship these bars out of state just yet. But for Californians who are looking to experiment safely, why not give Kiva bars a try?


Across the Twitterverse, the response has been overwhelmingly positive:



And why wouldn’t they be, when you have Kiva doing things like this:


Or when people can get creative with them:


For people who don’t like the taste of weed, no need to worry:


But always remember, as delicious as they taste, eat safely.


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