The 10th Delhi Pride Parade took place on 12th November 2017 and thousands of people joined the parade to show their solidarity for gender equality as a cause. It is definitely one of the most colourful festival that the city celebrates and rainbow becomes an important symbol in the celebration of gender equality as a cause. 

A rainbow symbolises the spectrum of different identity that gender as a category encompasses in a harmony. They are completely different colours which fit together beautifully in one single rainbow. 

To continue celebrating this beautifully queer cause I decided to compile a list of rainbow recipes that are really easy to make with easily sourceable ingredients in India. What says solidarity and equality and queer better than rainbow coloured food. And I don't want to stick to stereotypes but damn rainbow coloured food is fabulous! Besides the fabulousness, it's even recommended that we should be consuming rainbow is healthy for you - vegetables that span the colour spectrum. 

1. Rainbow Popcorn 

fried rice, vegetable, porridge, rice, corn, cereal
Rachel Livengood

Just add popcorn and m&m's! As queer (why not?) as it sounds it tastes delicious. The easiest recipe possible and perfect as a snack for your next Parade. Put it in your bag and carry it along to much as you march for equality. 

#SpoonTip: Use gems instead of m&m's to cut back on the cost. 

2. Rainbow Smoothie 

smoothie, berry, juice, strawberry, ice, yogurt, milk, sweet, cream
Paige Marie Rodgers

It's healthy, tasty and looks great. Prepare for a long day by drinking this in the morning and maybe carrying some in a flask for later. Find the recipe here.

#SpoonTip: Natural ingredients will give the color, don't go for dye!

3. Rainbow Grilled Cheese 

french toast, cheese, butter, grilled cheese sandwich, bread, sandwich, toast
Max Bartick

Another item you can pack to share (or not) that has gooey cheese oozing out of this beautiful sandwich. Pair it with the smoothie above for a perfect meal! Find the recipe here.

#SpoonTip: adding rainbow coloured veggies will make it healthier!

4. Rainbow Succotash 

meat, pepper, succotash, corn, vegetable
Kaitlyn Williams

What is a Succotash? It's an American dish made of boiled lima beans and maize. It's incredibly healthy and you can eat it as a salad or with a piece of sesame chicken. 

#SpoonTip: If you don't want maize or lima beans, just use boiled sprouts or rajma - they maintain the health part and taste just as good and easily available too.

5.  Layered Rainbow Cake

cheesecake, pie, pastry, cream, chocolate, sweet, cake
Mun Ling Koh

I wanted to end with a bang so this one require a little effort. Okay a lot but it will be worth it. There are so many rainbow cake recipes out there (On Spoon) that I didn't know which one to choose from. There is the gluten-free one (see picture) and the no-bake rainbow cheesecake.

Whichever cake or recipe you choose, I hope it adds an extra touch of fabulous to an already charming Parade or makes an ordinary day - extraordinary as you celebrate equality by gorging on these delicious recipes. Pride Parade is not the only occasion to celebrate your support for equality - do it every day!

I don't recommend cake everyday - even though it's the ultimate dream.