Imagine a world where all of the energy you could ever need is fit into a bite of chocolate. One bite and you find yourself sparking up a conversation with a stranger in the library at 9 AM. Two and you are taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Three bites and you're the one asking the questions to a phone survey guy who's called you three times in one day. Four and you feel like you are finally awake for the first time since you were born. You are suddenly a marathon runner and have finished all of your homework for the next two weeks by 11 AM. What would you do if I told you this is all possible? Well, it is. So say goodbye to those caffeine jitters and $4 lattes that force you to eat PB&J sandwiches for 3 meals a day and say hello to Awake Chocolate. 

This creamy, caffeinated chocolate comes in bars, bites, and granola bars. One bite is equal to a 1/2 of a cup of coffee and a bar is equal to a whole cup of coffee. These high quality, high functional treats have the same calorie count as a normal chocolate bar so now you can justify your 3 PM chocolate bar intake because it's giving you energy!

#SpoonTip: Feeling creative? Use Awake Chocolate in recipes to add some energy to all of your favorite treats! 

Thankfully, these energy-packed snacks have made their arrival to UMaine, along with their buddy and mascot, Nevil the Owl. Look out for him at your favorite campus events to get a free sample of Awake Chocolate, or have them come to your event and share the energy with your guests.

There's Nevil hanging out on the UMaine campus!

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Danielle Arthur

So now that you know what it is, are you ready to wake up? Follow Awake Chocolate at UMaine on Instagram here to see where they are hanging out on campus or DM the account to get some free samples or to come to your event!