Maybe it's just me, but on Sundays when I should be pounding out 8 page papers and endless practice exams, I spend hours (yes, hours) scrolling through foodstagrams and watching videos. Here is a compilation of my incredible findings in a last effort to be productive. Enjoy, and try not to drool. 

1. Yolk porn

Know it. Love it. Live it.

2. Pasta in a cheese bowl

What is this madness? Some psycho-genius out there combined our two most favorite things to create this masterpiece, and I cannot stop watching the twiiiiiiirl.

3. Lava cake

Death by chocolate must be real because I can't breathe.

4. Latte pours

Some people like Picasso, and others (like me) prefer latte art.

5. Wheels of melted cheese

I wheely, wheely, wheely like you. 

6. Pancakes and syrup

This is the literal reason that Jack Johnson wrote an entire song about breakfast.

7. Bacon

Honestly bacon is probably the main reason we aren't all vegetarians, and this video supports that point. 

8. Cookie skillets

The next time you hear someone say "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," show them this video.

9. Deep dish pizza

I might be biased because I'm from Chicago, but the Windy City certainly knows what's up with pizza.

10. S'mores dip

Share s'more love and go share s'mores dip with someone special.

All I have to say is — you're welcome and close your mouth. Hopefully this distracted you from your studies just as much as it did for me, but hey at least we're both benefitting in some way, right? Now go scroll through your own feed (me), and find some more video foodstagrams. The procrastination is so worth it.