I look forward to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show every year. I love the theatrics, the musical guests are literally always amazing, and the fashion itself is pretty cool too.

There are people who watch the show purely for the bras and angel wings, but there is another huge aspect of the show that we need to be talking about. 

Victoria's Secret is known for their models. VS has made an industry not only off of lingerie and swimwear, but also a particular body type.

The model lineup this year is pretty impressive with celebrities like Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters making runway appearances. However, even with the ~elite~ line up, one thing seems to be missing... none of the models are plus-size. 

P.S. to VS — there are PLENTY of plus-size lingerie models out there. (Ashley Graham, hit me up.)

This is not to say that being thin is bad, people are allowed to have whatever body they want. It would just be nice to see some body diversity on this particular runway. 

I know I am not alone when I sit and watch the show and think to myself, "wow... I would KILL to look like that." I see so many tweets every year about how girls sit and watch the show upset because they don't think they will ever be able to have a "Victoria's Secret" body.

The ironic thing is, Victoria's Secret literally has a "Body By Victoria" campaign that aims to find a fit for every body... the problem with this is they exclude bodies over a particular size, and all the models represented in the campaign have similar body types. 

What Victoria's Secret fails to realize here is that diversity includes different body types. Honestly, I'm not sure why Victoria's Secret seems so hesitant to put a plus-size model in the show. If anything, It would make the show, and the brand, stronger and more inclusive. 

Although the fashion show might not be body shaming plus-size women directly, by excluding women of a certain shape or size, it sends a dangerous message to viewers. 

Body shaming is something that is never acceptable, whether or not it is direct. As a plus-size woman myself, this fashion show can be extremely discouraging to watch. 

I know that, realistically, there is no way the lingerie these models sport will look the same on me, a 5 foot 5, size 14, hourglass-shaped woman. Even though no one is sitting next to me telling me "you should try hard to look like that," the subliminal messages are everywhere.

While I know there is no way for all clothing to look the same on everyone (because of body diversity), it would help me, and other women who don't fit the 5'7 size 2 mold, to see the lingerie on a wide range of bodies. We should all try to love our bodies, and one step towards promoting body love is by representing all body types.

The models Victoria's Secret choose to walk the runway each year are incredibly beautiful, and I am not body shaming these women in any way. I'm just pointing out that in order to strengthen their brand and be more inclusive, Victoria's Secret should seriously consider adding plus-size models to their fashion show (and overall company branding, for that matter). 

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is set to air tonight at 10/9 Central on CBS, if you're planning on tuning in.