In case it wasn't already common knowledge, those who follow a plant based diet don't consume eggs...but that doesn't stop us from enjoying Easter just like everyone else. After all, some traditions are meant to be tweaked. Here are some ways Vegans traded out chicken eggs this past Easter.

1) Tie-dyed (Vegan) Marshmallows

Even if dying eggs is your favorite part about this holiday, there's options for you too! This is a great interactive way to bring the family together.

2) Brussel Sprouts?

Not sure if this was a joke or not, but this is probably the healthiest alternative (granted you won't find me munching on these for an Easter treat). Click here to veganize some sprout recipes if this is your idea of a holiday snack.

3) Chocolate

Now THIS is a replacement my taste buds can support.

3.5) ...and More Chocolate

4) Deviled "Eggs"

More like Deviled Potatoes, but I'm actually really excited to try this out.

5) Bath Bombs

I can bet this smells better than any ol' egg. Thank goodness Lush exists. 

6) Avocados

The picture says it all.

7) Decorative Fruit

Proving that not eating eggs could lead to even more beautiful creations during the holiday season. 

8) Vegan Arancini (stuffed rice balls)

Don't worry, I had to look up what arancini was too. 

9) Decorated Rice Crispy Treats

In case the other options weren't decorative enough for you, look at these beauties! I dare say there are more options to be creative when you cut out eggs.

10) Activism

Out of all of the animal-based products, eggs can seem like the most harmless. This is a common misconception because what goes on in factory farms is often pushed under the rug. 

Family meals and traditions is a hard thing for people to let go when they consider trying out the Vegan lifestyle. I hope these eggs replacements show the possibility of creating new and even better traditions with your loved ones.