Ah, we've arrived at the post-holiday, "new year, new you" period where we're all looking back on our indulgences and committing to future health resolutions. But then week three of the new year rolls around, and you start craving that pumpkin cheesecake you loved before the break. These simple, sweet, and satisfying vegan desserts are exactly what you need to tame your post-holiday sweet tooth (while helping you stick to your new years resolution). 

Nice Cream Sundae

This is my go to vegan dessert... and breakfast. Come on. Nice cream is actually not bad for you (if you don't go crazy with the toppings). The base of my nice cream is usually frozen banana's, but you could also use the thick part of a can of coconut milk or frozen avocados.

By adding pretty much any spice, nut, spread, syrup, or dried/frozen fruit you can transform your kitchen into a nice cream parlor. All it takes is a little experimenting to find what flavor combinations make the perfect nice cream sundae.

Currently addicted to:    

1. Dole Whip Nice Cream: Top with coconut flakes for a good time.

2. Avocado Mint Chip Nice Cream: Either use cacao nibs or go crazy with some vegan chocolate chips.

3. Berry Nice Cream: Throw in any kind of frozen berry.

4. Green Tea Nice Cream: I love it so matcha.

5. Drizzle (or dump) Magic Shell Chocolate Sauce on any nice cream; use carob as an alternative for cocoa 

6. Add any creamy nut or seed butter and extra nuts on top, basically, go nuts.

7. Blending or swirling bits of gooey dates or dried mulberries throughout the nice cream; it tastes like caramel.

8.Spicing the nice cream up with combos like cinnamon, nutmeg, and maple syrup; cocoa power and maple syrup; or instant coffee and cocoa. 

9. Swirl in vegan dark chocolate chips; how could that go wrong?

10. Combine two of these ideas for optimum enjoyment.

Raw Cheesecake Bites

This raw cheesecake recipe by Hot for Food can be swirled with notes of chocolate, vanilla, or any fruit flavor your vegan heart desires.

All you do is pour all of the filling ingredients into a blender and it will get an insanely smooth consistency from the soaked cashews. Cashews are a healthier source of fat than cream cheese or butter. Meanwhile the crust compliments this decadence by adding a sweet crunch without any added sugar. Gasp.

PB Cups

Veganizing your favorite childhood candy is way easier than you thought. This recipe is both fast and really versatile. And if you're feeling really adventurous try Spoon's inside out vegan peanut butter cup recipe instead. You can use any type of nut butter, preferably a natural one with very few ingredients and no added sugar. As for the vegan chocolate, choose one with a high cocoa because cocoa is actually laded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

These are a great for snacking and last for a long time so you can share them over a long period of time... or eat them all yourself in one day.

Raw Chocolate Pudding

Throwing it way back to the classic chocolate pudding cups you used to treat yourself to after a hard day on the play ground. Except this one is vegan, doesn't include any of the refined sugar or gelatin, and has all of the same decedent flavor. Plus it's raw.

The secret to getting the perfect creamy consistency is avocado. One spoon full of this pudding, and you'll realize that using avocado on toast is so overrated. This pudding, however, is all the rave. This recipe requires only a few ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry and all you need is a food processor. 

Raw Chocolate Truffles

These luxurious, raw, vegan, chocolate truffles are a perfect crowd pleaser as well. All it requires is some blending, rolling, and coating. It's the perfect dessert for the lazy, vegan college student who wants to make it seem like they has their shit together.

The recipes are pretty easy, right? So here's the tricky part: swapping an ordinary dessert with one of these more resolution friendly vegan desserts. You're going to feel like your letting yourself indulge without straying from your New Year's resolution. Because let's be honest, it might be a new year, but you're the same you.