It's honestly sad how good I am at cooking for one, but extremely helpful for you! Here's a breakdown of the best Valentine's Day dinner ideas for those of us who are single and alone (yes they involve a lot of chocolate). P.S. You're gonna wanna spoon after reading these recipes! 

OPTION 1: Taken (by carbs)

Appetizer: Simple green salad 

Olivia Heise

All you need for a good salad is good leaves (I love fresh romaine), tomatoes, cucumbers, salt, pepper and lemon. If I am feeling crazy I throw on some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Here's a recipe for my favorite salad ever!

Main Course: Pasta

garlic, sauce, tomato, pasta, spaghetti
Tanya Soni

The easiest dinner ever! I love to whip up a nice carbonara with some butter, tomatoes and basil. Here is a Spoon recipe of some easy carbonara .  

Dessert: Chocolate lava cake in a mug 

ice, milk, sweet, cream, coffee, chocolate
Danielle Biskner

I LAVA YOU! Sorry... Yes mug cakes are old news but have you ever made one? I haven't either but check out this Spoon Recipe to make one.  The perfect end to an evening for one is decadent chocolate cake, someone to share it with is entirely optional.  

OPTION 2: Perfect Pairings 

Appetizer: Berry Salad 

salad, blueberry, fruit salad, sweet, strawberry, berry
Clarisse Callahan

"I love you berry much!", I say to my raspberries every day. Not a conventional salad but I will put my fav berries in a bowl and call it a salad at any point in the day. 

Main Course: Pizza 

cheese, pizza
Tanya Soni

U got a pizza my heart. I was so surprised how easy it is to make pizza at home – here is a simple way to make your own personal pizza! I take some frozen naan ( from Trader Joe's) and defrost it, add some tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil onto it. Then I stick into the oven for 10 minutes (just following the heating instructions on the naan box) and voila a personal pie! 

Dessert: Ice cream sandwich 

ice cream, cookie, chocolate
Tanya Soni

It is hard to go wrong with an ice cream sandwich – they are so easy to make! Just get a small pack of your favorite chocolate chip cookies, take desired amount of ice cream (mint chip, cookies and cream and chocolate are my personal fave) and scoop it on. Smush 'em together and if you are feeling fancy put sprinkles down on a plate and roll it around and get a sprinkle finish!

Remember it's okay to alone and single on Valentine's Day, it just means food is really your bae and all those other people are lying.