We all know vodka's most popular use, shots, has been the cause of our more embarrassing memories. Vodka is actually almost as versatile as its main ingredient, potatoes. Potatoes are the base for some of our favorite things—French fries, potato chips, and, yes, vodka. But vodka can make our lives easier! With this clear drink, you can keep your flowers longer, clean your windows, take off sticker glue, and even make a DIY cold pack! Here are four uses for vodka you likely hadn't thought of before.

Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

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Alexis Clark

Flowers are a go-to item in almost any scenario: weddings, welcome home treats, bedside table decor, presents, and so on. But flowers die quickly, and once the flowers turn brown so does their smell. Thankfully, vodka is here to save those flowers. Fill up your vase with water and add a couple drops of vodka to keep your bouquet looking fresh for days!

Clean Windows without Windex

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Alexis Clark

Do you have dirty windows but want to avoid using chemical cleaners? Or do you just not have windex lying around? Either way, vodka will help you out. Vodka mixed with water is the perfect way to spritz up your windows. Give them a good wipe down and check out that squeaky clean streak-free shine!

Remove Sticker Goo

Alexis Clark

In 2017, you'd think that engineers would have already found a way to easily peel off a sticker. Unfortunately, we'll have to live with unwanted residue for now. Unless you have some vodka lying around. The pungent alcohol breaks through the stickiness and removes even the oldest sticker goo. Just dip a corse towel or sponge into some vodka and scrub away.

Homemade Cold Pack

Alexis Clark

When there is vodka involved, accidents are bound to happen. But did you know that vodka can actually help you get better? And no, it's not drinking (that will only make you think you're feeling better). Vodka can actually be used to make an ice pack for all your bumps and bruises. Just combine 1/2 cup of vodka and 1/2 cup of water into a zip-close freezer bag. After a couple hours in the freezer, your baggie will be cold and slushy, the perfect ice pack!

Sure, some of us may think that the best use for vodka is consumption, but don't rule out these tips just yet. It's worth pouring one out for shiny windows and long lasting flowers. Don't believe me? Make a DIY cold pack and the morning after taking some shots you'll be happy to use it for something else.