We all know we need water to live, but sometimes hydration gets boring.  Drinking the same, plain-tasting beverage all day long for some secret purpose gets a little tiring after your eighth glass.  Sports drinks and juices are helpful to spice up your routine, but those usually come with unwanted chemicals, calories, and sugar that water helps us stay away from. The company Sparkling Ice makes it easy to stay away from those undesired additions.

Sparkling Ice provides flavored waters that are in fact zero calories, just like water.  They provide a unique range of flavors that allow you to mix up your hydration schedule with fun and new experiences for your taste buds throughout the day.  With so many to choose from, we tried nine different drinks to see which were our favorite, and which ones to steer away from.

9. Coconut Pineapple

You may think this will help you daydream about sitting on a beach with a refreshing piña colada, and you would be correct. Coconut Pineapple snaps us right back to last spring break and sticks us right on a beach. The bold tropical flavors are extremely sweet and definitely hit us with some post-vacation nostalgia.

8. Grape Raspberry

If you like the taste of grape Kool-Aid, this is for you. This swings you right back to your childhood of either going for those purple lollipops or staying far away from them. Grape Raspberry has a strong grape flavor that is unmistakable.

7. Black Cherry

No one really knows what black cherry is, but Ice nails this one on the head. Reminiscent of barbershop lollipops, this flavor is bold and has no apologies for its strong zest. 

6. Peach Nectarine

This Ice brings a whole new flavor profile I've never experienced before. Even though it advertises peach and nectarine, there are other notes of other tropical fruits like guava. It's fresh and a little tangy, which is no bad thing in my book.

5. Strawberry Watermelon 

If you go right for this flavor of Jolly Rancher, this is the flavor for you. It is heavily sweet and perfect for a summer day and is certain to refresh your mood and your energy.

4. Orange Mango

Orange Mango brings good vibes all around with a subtle but bright flavor that leaves drinkers feeling happy and energized. These two flavors balance together and bring out the best in each other.

3. Crisp Apple

Even though apple juice seems like a drink for elementary school or for breakfast, this Crisp Apple whips up memories of falling leaves or drinking apple cider or visiting a pumpkin patch. It's light and definitely not too sweet.

2. Lemon Lime

You can never go wrong with a lemon-lime drink. Ice nails this flavor with subtle and tangy notes of citrus that wonderfully brighten your palette and immerse you in a sweet and sour experience.

1. Pink Grapefruit

Even though grapefruits aren't always the perfect blend of sweet and sour, this is. This Ice is wonderfully refreshing, lightly sweet, and an immediate mood pleaser. 

No matter the flavor you choose to go with, Ice allows you to spice up your hydration schedule without the guilt of extra chemicals and calories.  These are perfect for on the go or in between meals. Switch up water one day for a bubbly and refreshing new drink—you won't be disappointed.