Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays for three reasons: fall, family, and food. What's better than being surrounded by loved ones, eating delicious food, and enjoying the crisp fall weather? Grab some friends and enjoy eating your way to a happy Friendsgiving with these yummy ideas. 

1. PSL hike

coffee, beer
Tessa Fox

What better way is there to start off the day than with coffee and a beautiful scenic hike? Grab a few of your friends, hit up the closest coffee shop for some pumpkin spice lattes (I know it's basic, but 'tis the season), and take a hike in the crisp autumn weather. Bonus points for waking up early to watch the sunrise.  

2. Potluck 

pastry, bread, dough, sweet
Maddie Cole

When someone says "Thanksgiving," one thing that always comes to mind is a potluck. Have your friends or dormmates bring different dishes to dinner one night and enjoy each other's company while eating delicious food. You can opt for Thanksgiving-themed food with this yummy mac and cheese, some delicious turkey, or these Thanksgiving crescent rolls. You could also mix it up with a healthier twist on a Thanksgiving.

3. Mailbox Treat

coffee, beer
Abigail Shipps

One of the little joys in life is recieving mail from friends. Let your pals know how thankful you are for them by wrapping candy or these super cute turkey treats in a bag, secure it with a cute note, and put it in their mailbox or university PO box. Snail mail is great, and edible snail mail is even greater!

4. Breakfast with friends

chocolate, cream, dairy product, coffee, sweet, bread
Abigail Shipps

There's something about cooking with friends or family that makes me feel loved and thankful, even when it's not Thanksgiving season. Gather some friends together, put on a rockin' playlist, and start the day off with homemade breakfast. Recently, my friends and I have been cooking these Trader Joe's pumpkin pancakes and pairing them with toppings like chocolate chips, peanut butter, coconut flakes, and fruit. 

While Thanksgiving is traditionally spent with family, it's also important to give thanks for the great friends in your life. Before everyone leaves campus for Thanksgiving break, grab a few buds and spend time together eating your way to a happy Friendsgiving.