We have all experienced that end of day relief when you come home from a long day at school or work and you take off your bra and then suddenly you hear angels singing and the world is full of rainbows and butterflies again. Well, what if I told you that you could have that much happiness every day, all day? I have discovered the secret to life in this regard... the wireless bra.

I'm not talking about a sports bra that you wear to work out. Or a regular bra that you mutilated by cutting out the wire from the fabric. I'm talking about bras that are made specifically without wire, that still support the ladies.

So how did I get the idea to write about this?

Last summer I was doing some pretty physical work. I am a wildlife biologist-in-training and I had an internship that involved a lot of hiking, hauling heavy backpacks and gear, and carrying bobcat traps around in the wilderness. My underwire bras did not provide the necessary support, were incredibly uncomfortable digging into my rib cage, and even got caught on the bobcat cage on one occasion.

While sports bras are all well and good, I wanted something that not only provided good support, was comfortable enough to wear while participating in physical activities, and also attractive and shaped enough to showcase the assets. So I began my search. Walmart and Target had pitiful selections, and then I discovered Fred Meyer has really awesome bras. They have a huge selection of typical underwire, push-up, strapless, sports bras, and even wireless day-wear bras. After about an hour of trying on every single bra in my size in the store, I discovered the comfort and wonder of wireless bras. So, I picked the one that made my life complete and bought three.

Also, being a woman with a bust on the larger side, it's often difficult to find bras in general that fit, look good, and are comfortable. I usually have to sacrifice at least one of those things when I look for a bra. As a woman with a large bust, it is also imperative for me that I find something that has enough support for my breasts, and keeps them from getting in the way. Women with larger busts already have enough issues in their lives and something that would just make everything less difficult would be great.

This is where things get serious...

It's comfortable. It looks good. It doesn't cause even more stress than being in college and trying to fit in all three S's (sleep, study, and social life) does... Truly, what's not to like?

I'll admit that wireless bras are not the most beautiful things in the world, and they don't come in pretty colors and patterns. There are very few that have lace and bows and satin frills. However, they make your clothes look good, and more importantly, they are both comfortable and functional. They are good for more than just sitting around and looking pretty. I can bake in the morning, go to school for 10 hours during the day, hike in the evening, and by the end of the day, I'm still alive. More than that, halfway through the day I don't book it home for half an hour, craving just a little time to whip it off and breathe again.

However, this is really a personal choice. For some, this article may change your whole world, lead you to the bra aisle in a grocery store, and revolutionize your wardrobe. But for others, this article will be as close as you can get to fashion blasphemy. Some will never forgo underwire bras and push ups, the extra padding, or lace and satin frills. However, for those lovely ladies who are not satisfied with typical underwire bras and are willing to try an alternative, a wireless bra might be the option for you! 

I'll be honest, no bra is ever going to be good enough that busty ladies like myself can get the whole day without any discomfort. But this one comes pretty close to perfection, so I think I'll use it, rather than one that makes me want to light it on fire.