If you were blessed/cursed with big boobs, you can hardly go a day without someone making a comment about them. Sure, often times people mean well, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating or annoying to constantly hear about your chest.

If you are someone who encounters women with big boobs, here are a few phrases that you’ve probably used that we really wish you would eliminate from your rhetoric entirely.

1. "What size are they?"

Most people ask this out of sheer curiosity. It’s like asking a really tall person their height or a really old person their age. You don’t mean for it to come off rude or annoying, but yet, it almost always does.

Asking a woman what size bra she wears just comes off completely inappropriate. It makes us feel like you find our boobs to be the most interesting thing about us and that you somehow feel entitled to know that sort of #intimate knowledge.

#SpoonTip: The next time you think about asking a woman this, think about whether or not you’d want to give her all of your personal measurements.

2. "You know, not all guys like big boobs."

This comment usually comes from guys who claim to be more of  an “a** men” or fellow women who somehow feel empowered by saying this. Even though we may have big boobs, this does not discredit the rest of our bodies (or more importantly, our minds). We might have nice boobs, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us isn’t just as nice, too. 

3. "Oh, I see you brought the girls out tonight."

Yes, the girls are always out to play. We can’t help it. In fact a woman was actually kicked out of her gym for her breasts being too large for the shirt she was wearing. Do you know how hard it is to buy any top that's not a turtleneck without exposing full on cleavage?

Not only are you pointing out something we already know, but you’re also making us self-conscious about coming off as slutty for the rest of the night. Not cool.

4. "I'd kill for boobs like that, don't complain!" 

You know the theory that people with curly hair wish they had straight hair and people with straight hair wish they had curly hair? It’s the same thing for big boobs and small boobs. We’re always dissatisfied with what we have, and desire what we lack. The grass is always greener. But just because you only see the good side of big boobs doesn’t mean the backaches, boob sweat, and never-ending struggle to buy shirts doesn’t exist.

5. "Can I *insert weird sexual act involving boobs*?”

Unless you have been in a sexual relationship with someone for a little while, this usually just comes off creepy. There’s especially nothing worse than hearing this the very first time you hook-up with someone. You might think it’s hot, but ultimately, you most likely just killed the vibe for the rest of the night.

6. "He only likes you for your boobs."

This one is pretty distasteful, and us ladies with big boobs would highly recommend avoiding this comment at all costs. Not only does it objectify us, but it also makes our partners seem like complete pigs.

Just because you only value people for their physical attributes, that does not mean that’s how the rest of the world sees them. This comment just comes off bitter, and honestly, why should we feel bad about someone liking our boobs in addition to everything else we have to offer?

7. "You don't need a personality, you have big boobs."

Believe it or not, this is something women with big boobs have heard. Whether or not you say it jokingly, it is still pretty freakin’ rude. Being attractive or having big boobs does not excuse us from being women with strong personalities. Nine times out of ten, if you say this to a girl with big boobs, you will see just how much of a personality she does have.

8. "Do you worry about how saggy they're gonna get?"

This is like saying “are you worried you’re going to get wrinkly?” It's an inevitable fact, that thanks to gravity, our boobs are going to eventually start to sag, but so will yours. (Though, some studies have shown that crash dieting can make your boobs saggy).

Sure, we do worry about whether or not our boobs are going to get saggy in the future, but right now, we’re young and we’re hot. Our boobs aren’t saggy now, so why you gotta bring us down like that?

Whether you have big boobs or small boobs, the fact of the matter is we need to spread love. Loving yourself is extremely important, but loving each other is just as important. Approximately 40 percent of college women claim that they feel sometimes ashamed of their bodies. We shouldn’t make comments to make others feel insecure about their bodies, just to make us feel better.