Food Is Life

Duh! Food is not simply a resource without which the human kind won't survive. It's not only a fuel that drives us through our day, gives us energy and power during kickboxing classes, and helps us complete our tasks effectively, productively and creatively.

Food is a symbol. It unites people. It makes them feel safe, warm, and cozy everywhere they are. It enriches their culture and knowledge, as well as presents a whole new world of opportunities, tastes, and deliciousness in front of them.

I don't trust people who don't like food. Like...who do they think they are? From traditional soul food, such as fried chicken, to more intriguing and atypical one like snails and oysters, I love ALL of it, and you do, too! Don't pretend, please.

So, now, since we've made this clear, why don't you just scroll down and take this awesome quiz with a lot of pictures of food, names of food, questions about food, more pictures of food because...why not?

Food is personality. It reveals parts of our character, inner thoughts and desires, values, and culture.

The products we buy from the supermarket, the time we dedicate to cooking at home, the variety of foods we try, and their quality are evidence for the way we treat ourselves, as well as the type of individuals we really are. These subconscious actions and decisions of ours say more than they seem. 

Who are you?

Why are you on this planet?

What is your mission here?

What are the qualities that you will benefit from in the future?

You may go and pay a shrink thousands of dollars to be able to answer all these questions; or you may just sit comfortably in front of your computer, and complete this fun quiz for free.

The Quiz

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