Do you always find yourself at the pantry looking for something new to snack on? Most of the time, cookies and chips are my go-to snack. While they are delicious and satisfying in the moment, I usually find myself regretting not making a healthier choice. Undercover Snacks has come to the rescue with their better-for-you snacking delights. 

What Is Undercover Snacks?

Photo Courtesy of Undercover Snacks

Undercover Snacks was created by a health conscious chocoholic who wanted a snack made with premium chocolate that is healthy, light and good for you. 

The snacks consist of crispy quinoa lightly covered with premium chocolate and come in a variety of flavors. 

Undercover Snacks are currently manufactured out of East Hanover, New Jersey. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is certified as an SQF Level 3, Kosher facility, capable of producing enough Undercover for everyone to enjoy. 

Undercover Products 

Photo Courtesy of Undercover Snacks

All Undercover products are allergy-friendly. They are certified gluten, peanut and tree-nut free and include dairy-free, dark chocolate options as well.

Undercover offers a wide variety of chocolate covered quinoa in different flavors. Some of the flavors include dark chocolate + pomegranate, dark chocolate + blueberries, dark chocolate + sea salt, dark chocolate + seeds, milk chocolate + currants and milk chocolate. 

Where To Buy Undercover Snacks 

Photo Courtesy of Undercover Snacks

Undercover Snacks are available for purchase online and in stores. You can find out the stores near you that carry Undercover Snacks by using their product locator.