After mixer season has come to a close, fraternity guys are left scrambling for dates and girls are anxiously waiting an invitation to coveted away weekends. Fraternity guys and their dates pack their coolers and pile into buses for a weekend of fun in Austin.

With away weekends coming up and clueless fraternity boys leading the way, here's our ultimate guide to an away weekend in Austin.

1. Pack an Awesome Cooler

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Nicole Cohen

You know away weekends are close when the smell of paint and modge podge drifts down the dorm hallways as girls scramble to make the best cooler for their date. In order to have an awesome away weekend, it's important to pack the perfect cooler. Fill it with your date's favorite snacks and alcohol, as well as some t-shirts and pins so he can rep your letters. Most importantly, don't forget water and advil because you'll need it. 

2. Dinner at Iron Cactus

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Nicole Cohen

After a long booze-filled bus ride, your drunchie needs will hit you quick before a night out on the Dirty Sixth. Located in the middle of 6th St., Iron Cactus is the perfect way to carbo-load with their crispy chips and fresh guacamole before going out to the bars. Don't skip out on their prickly pear margarita, it's the perfect way to pregame. 

3. Cheers Shot Bar

The best part of Austin is that alcohol is super cheap so you won't break the bank. You can order a round of shots in Austin for the price of one beer in Dallas, which makes it the perfect spot for an away weekend. I present to you, Cheers Shot Bar. With over 100 different kinds of shots with creative names like "Bye Felicia," it's always a fun place with lots of laughs to start your night. 

#SpoonTip: Nothing says Texas like Dr. Pepper, so don't forget to take their flaming Dr. Pepper Shot.  Not only is it delicious but it also makes the perfect Snapchat story. 

4. A Fishbowl at the Lodge

A fraternity favorite on Dirty Sixth is the Lodge Bar. With antler chandeliers and deer heads mounted on the wall, you'll feel like you're in a traditional Texas bar. But what makes the Lodge stand out on 6th is the large blue fishbowls. Tropical and tasty these blue bowls are super Insta-worthy, and if you're lucky you'll even be able to sneak it out of the bar. 

5. Burnside's Tavern

With crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, Burnside's Tavern looks like a classy spot on Dirty Sixth but really, it's a UT Greek life favorite. With live bands, cheap drinks, and beer pong, it's a must for college students. 

6. Margaritas at Chupacabra Cantina

If you're wanting to get your fiesta on while in Austin, look no further than Chupacabra Cantina. Their giant shareable margaritas can't be passed up and one of those will leave you salsa-ing out onto 6th St.  

7. Grab a Slice at Ropollo's Pizzeria

Grabbing a slice of pizza from Roppolo's on 6th St. is a rite of passage when visiting Austin. Open until 3 a.m. there's nothing better than pizza after a night out of drinking. Make no mistake, this is no authentic Italian pizza, but when you're drunk, anything tastes good. 

7. Brunch at Hillside Farmacy

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payton white

After a wild weekend on Dirty Sixth, there's nothing that can quite cure the Sunday scaries than some good ol' farm-to-table food. With seasonal menus and their promise to support local farms and ranches, Hillside Farmacy is the perfect hangover cure with dishes like biscuits and gravy and their famous mac n' cheese. 

Don't show up with your cooler in hand and no place to go. Know the best bars and food in the area and make your date glad he chose you.