As someone who has watched Frozen more times than I care to admit, the fact that some people think it's only a kids movie is a damn shame. With its stunning visuals, heartwarming character development, and killer soundtrack, Frozen has proven to appeal to fans of all ages. If you're snowed in this weekend, try out this Frozen drinking game. You'll learn that the magic of Disney gets even more magical with the addition of alcohol. 

What you'll need

-A drink to sip (perhaps some boozy hot chocolate?)

-Hard liquor for shots

-A group of Disney obsessed friends to watch with

Take a sip...

-Anytime Anna sings the phrase "do you want to build a snowman?"

-Anytime Elsa sings the phrase "let it go"

-Anytime the trolls insult Kristoff

Take two sips...

-Anytime Anna talks about "true love"

-Anytime Elsa tells Anna to go away

-Anytime Elsa freezes something

-Anytime it starts to snow

Take a shot...

-Anytime Oaken says "yoo hoo"

-Anytime Kristoff talks in Sven's voice

-Anytime Sven does something clumsy

-Anytime Olaf talks about summer

-Anytime Kristoff and Anna argue

-When Elsa transforms into her ice dress

Finish your drink...

-When Hans proposes to Anna

-When Hans betrays Anna

-When Olaf melts 

Chug your drink if...

-You low-key have a crush on Kristoff

-Anyone in the group cries

-You sing all the words to any of the songs perfectly

Order hangover pizza when...

-Anna and Kristoff kiss

See? This Frozen drinking game is simple, cheaper than going bar hopping, and it means you don't have to brave the cold outdoors until summer. Happy drinking!

#SpoonTip: Spoon University doesn't support binge drinking, so please drink responsibly! And if you're nursing a nasty hangover tomorrow, everyone knows the best cure is more Disney movies.