Twinkies are a classic childhood treat that can literally fix any problem. So if you're currently having any problems, your day is about to get a lot better with this news: Hostess is partnering with Nestle to bring you Twinkies ice cream. Yes, you read that right. Twinkies ice cream.

Hostess Limited Edition Twinkies and Sno Balls Ice Creams

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Now you can enjoy your favorite snack with the most amazing frozen treat in the world. Not a Twinkies fan? Don't worry, Hostess will also be producing ice creams with CupCakes and Sno Balls. Oh, and I almost forgot, there will also be a Ding Dong Ice Cream Sandwich. Somebody pinch me.

What exactly is in the ice cream?

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Twinkies Ice Cream consists of buttercream-flavored ice cream, Twinkie cake pieces, and a vanilla frosting swirl. CupCakes Ice Cream is a combo of chocolate ice cream, CupCake pieces, and a cream frosting swirl, and Sno Balls Ice Cream is a marshmallow-flavored ice cream with Sno Ball cake pieces and a whipped coconut swirl. 

Where can you find this heavenly dessert?

Convenience stores, grocery stores (even Kroger), and Dollar Generals will be carrying the ice creams for a limited time between February and May of this year.  Apparently, they have already been released. So, what are you waiting for? Stop reading this, and go find yourself some of the most unreal and nostalgic ice cream of all time.