As the leaves start to change and the air starts to cool, college students are all looking forward to one thing. Although Football season and pumpkin patches are great and all, what we really love about fall is the return of all our favorite TV shows.

From ABC to HBO to Netflix, all the top stations have popped out some killer programs over the past few years. This season is even producing new shows that might just steal your heart.

Stick to your favorite or try a new show, just make sure it's the ultimate viewing experience by pairing it with an indulgent snack that fits the show perfectly.

1. "Modern Family:" Kitchen Sink Cookies

chocolate, cake, rice, cookie, candy, sweet
Maggie Gorman

"Modern Family" is the stereotypical melting pot of an American 21st century family. We barely have time to snack between all the laughs, but when the sappy moments make us crave something sweet, kitchen sink cookies are the way to go

The ingredients in these cookies represent a little bit of everything, just like the characters in this timeless sitcom. At first glance, they may not appear like they belong together, but they seamlessly blend for an incredible experience.

2. "How To Get Away With Murder:" Blood Orange Créme Brûlée 

juice, citrus, sweet, blood orange, grapefruit, lemon
Haley Durham

This show is full of suspense, mystery, and seduction. A blood orange (the orange's dark and sexy cousin) is the perfect garnish to a delightful dessert to combine with the emotional rollercoaster this show will take you on. 

Créme Brûlée is a challenge, a mystery that needs to be greatly researched and explored before conquered, but every bit worth the effort put into it. Check out the recipe here.

3. "Dancing with the Stars:" Galaxy Doughnuts

doughnut, chocolate
Julia Benson

"Dancing with the Stars" has become all about the glitter and makeup now that it's reached its 23rd season. No one looks any worse than a Disney princess and the stage is filled with sparkles and stunning colors during each performance. 

Watching them perform incredible dance routines definitely burns calories, right? So these sparkly galaxy doughnuts will make you feel just as glitzy as the stars themselves.

4. "New Girl:" Homemade Cupcakes

chocolate, cake, sweet, pastry, cream, candy, goody, muffin, sprinkles, cookie, sweetmeat
Jisoo Kim

Jess from "New Girl" is as charismatic and adorable as a cupcake is, so what better treat to indulge in while watching her flirt and scheme than a batch of homemade cupcakes.

Since each cupcake is unique, you can decorate each one to have its own personality, just like each extremely quotable character in the show. And if anyone passes on the cupcake, you can just pull Jess's words of wisdom from below.

5. "Stranger Things:" Eggo Waffles

sweet, candy, chips, peanut butter, chocolate, waffle
Robert Wehrli

But it only counts if you steal them from the grocery store like Eleven did. Eggo waffles make the perfect TV snack because you can put whatever you want on them: Nutella, powdered sugar, maple syrup, or even ice cream.

6. "This is Us:" Birthday Cake

cream, ice, sprinkles, cake
Grace Phillips

This new series documents the lives and connections of several people that were all born on the same day, so birthday cake seems like a relevant choice. The comfort of cake will pleasantly guide you through the endless funny, sad, and tender moments this highly-rated series will provide

7. "Divorce:" Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy

Everyone misses "Sex and the City", but our girl Sarah Jessica Parker is back in a whole new light in this new HBO series. Warning: it's not super light-hearted, so you may need a whole pint of this for yourself while watching.

8. "Designated Survivor:" Apple Pie

apple, vegetable, sweet
Isabella Neuberg

This new show may make us fear a doomsday scenario, but it also strengthens our American pride and spirit as we watch an underdog tackle the job as US President. Tom takes on the role as "American as apple pie" as he bands the troubled country together to move forward in this exciting new drama.

If you're watching with company, you can even make these individual apple pies inside juicy Granny Smith apples to make it even more fall festive.

9. "Grey's Anatomy:" Lindt Truffles

Jaye Lind

They're smooth, suave, and super yummy, just like McDreamy. Plus, your emotions are going to need a little pick-me-up from all the drama and tears this show will bring you, and Lindt truffles will provide the perfect compliment.

These rich, creamy chocolates will surely fill that hole left in your heart after the surprise departure of everyone's favorite character.

10. "Gilmore Girls Revival:" Candy Sushi

candy, goody, sweet, cake, sweetmeat, chocolate, cream, rice
Katie Zizmor

"Gilmore Girls" fans everywhere are thrilled that it's returning for a few episodes later this fall. Watch parties will be going on everywhere, and you definitely want the ultimate snacks to throw it back

No one can forget when Rory and Logan's trip to Asia gets cancelled and Lorelai saves the day by making candy sushi. If you're feeling extremely ambitious, go for her Butterfinger, Junior Mint, Jujubes roll or the Oreo sashimi with Red Hot wasabi. Or you can just experiment with your own favorite candy.

11. "2016 Election Debates:" Red, White, and Blue Shots

sweet, cream, milk, chocolate, candy
Paige Marie Rodgers

Let's be honest: these debates are hard to watch without a little buzz, but instead of drowning your frustrations in miserable vodka shots, turn it into a party with these American jello shots.

Make sure to try out these 11 snacks next time you tune into your favorite TV show. They're sure to satisfy your appetite for entertainment this fall.