Remember the 90s, Dukes? Well, it turns out we're some of the last classes at JMU who are going to get to bond over some of the greatest TV shows to have aired. About half of 2017's incoming freshmen class will have been born in 2000... What.

As for us, we made the cut off. We get to have identified with some of the dopest TV characters in the biz.

Whether you were watching Cartoon Network in feeties on Sunday morning, or sneaking into your 'rents room to catch Nick at Night, your favorite TV friends are pretty good predictors of what on campus foods you are (or should be) noshing on

Uncle Jesse: Peanut Butter Pie

Uncle Jesse: a smooth, suave classic... just like peanut butter pie in the dining halls.

If any Tanner girl was having a rough day, they knew they could go to Uncle Jesse for help. Any JMU girl having a rough day knows to pick up some peanut butter pie (or the portable PBP 2.0 at the D-Hub walk-up windows) to make all their problems melt away.

Joey Tribbiani: Froot Loop Ice Cream

Not always the most mature, but boy is he fun. Just like the soap opera hunk, one scoop of sweet, sugary Froot Loop chunk-infused ice cream will make you smirk and say "how you doing?"

Kenan Thompson: Nacho Papi's Tacos 

avocado, tacos, guacamole, salad, slaw
Kristen Connors

Looking for a fun, funky way to brighten your day? You could a). LOL at Kenan taking a tub on All That, or b). order these colorful bad boys from Nacho Papi's.

Lila Sawyer: Festival Crepes

cream, whipped cream, ice, chocolate, ice cream
Kristen Connors

Sweet Lila, with her soft endearing voice that makes Arnold fall madly in love. Sweet festival crepes, soft and golden brown, filled with berries and cream that makes us fall madly into an insatiable craving. A trip to East Campus is so worth it.

Cory Matthews: Chicken Nuggets

What relationship has stood the test of time like Cory's devotion to Topanga through elementary school, middle school, high school, 14 years of mystery and an entirely new show?

E-hall chicken nuggets, man. That goofball stuck with us through our best and worst, just like chicken nuggets from lb 1 of our freshman 15 to the last day of finals.

Dexter: Fueled Quinoa Bowl

salad, vegetable, chicken, meat, sauce, lettuce
Kristen Connors

Creative, inventive, ingenious... are we talking about Dexter in his lab or red curry grilled chicken, quinoa, a medley of fresh veggies and asian inspired sauces? The Fueled fave will have you ready for your 3 hour chem lab sans tummy rumbles.

Will Smith: Mac n Cheese

The Philly native is known for charming the ladies and cracking jokes, but Will is also a smart and caring family man. Consider hot, melty mac an ode to everyone's favorite rapper: a classic made right by mom, generously oozing with goodness. 

Kelly Kapowski: Buffalo Mash

One look at Bayside High's head cheerleader is enough to make anyone swoon. But have you had a taste of D-Hub's buffalo mash? If Zack and Slater weren't competing over their favorite homecoming queen, they'd definitely be brawling in the halls over the last bowl of hot buffalo chicken and mashed potatoes.

I'm a firm believer that the golden age of TV is behind us *sigh*. However, JMU Dining is always churning out instant faves and revamping classics. Can you taste the nostalgia yet?