I spoke with young entrepreneur, and JMU student, Amanda Presgraves who came up with the idea for FUELED, a health conscious food truck, that all on-the-go students could access.

Amanda described her concept like this; “This food truck is designed to not only bring a dining option to the students, but serve as a collaborative project focused on bringing local food to the JMU campus, business to the Harrisonburg community, and connections stemming from skills, a field for experience, growth, and knowledge.”

So here is all YOU need to know:

Organic and Local Food

Food truck

Photo by Becky Hughes

By sourcing locally, FUELED will be able to have control over every ingredient.  One of the goals of FUELED is to buy from small scale, local farmers who practice organic farming, throwing it back to simpler times when food was just naturally good. If you wanna know more about buying organic, peep this.

First of it’s Kind

Food truck

Photo by Alia Wilhelm

FUELED is the first collaborative student run business of its kind to hit JMU’s campus (or any campus for that matter) and Harrisonburg.  So basically, this is not your mother’s food truck. FUELED will be providing delicious and healthy food, while giving students hands on experience with all aspects of running a business. It provides a collaborative platform between student, faculty, and the Harrisburg community.

Giving Students a Taste of Harrisonburg

Food truck

Photo by Gabby Phi


Who doesn’t love fresh food? This food truck will be able to give students a feel for the rich harvest of harrisonburg and the shenandoah valley that might not otherwise be easily accessed. This will finally bridge the gap between city and campus. #winning.

For the Students, By the Students

Food truck

Photo courtesy of cavagrill.com

Students involved are able to pick everything from the design of the truck to the menu. So there will be no mystery meat, or unidentifiable food items here. Everything on the menu will be hand picked with the idea of freshness and variety in mind. Students will be able to punch at this food truck making even more accessible to everyone.

If FUELED didn’t sound amazing enough Amanda and her team have plans to incorporate the food truck business model into a field experience for credit. They are also working with current engineering students to create an eco-friendly truck. So in the fall when you’re wondering where to have your next meal. Find the food truck and enjoy some of the best that harrisonburg has to offer.

Food truck

Photo by Amanda Presgraves

“Fueling bodies. Fueling entrepreneurship. Fueling community. JMU FUELED”