Who doesn’t love Chipotle? Whether you order a bowl or a burrito, Chipotle is a fan-favorite for many college students. As much as I love this fast-food restaurant, I do find that Chipotle can become somewhat of a repetitive experience, as I get the same order every time. However, Chipotle ingredients have been changing with the new meat options being introduced into the Chipotle assembly line. The new meat of the month is Pollo Asado. 

Pollo Asado

Karene Hermon

Chipotle claims their Pollo Asado claims is “a fresh new flavor of chicken." Made with garlic, guajillo peppers, lime and cilantro, this limited-time meat is a fun, flavorful option to mix up your chipotle order. Costing $8.60, the Pollo Asado is more expensive than the regular chicken but cheaper than other meat options, such as the steak or the barbacoa which cost $8.95.

The Taste

Karene Hermon

The Pollo Asado chicken is juicy, tender, flavorful and overall, much more enjoyable than the regular chicken available at Chipotle, which tends to be a bit dry and bland. I had the Pollo Asado chicken in a bowl with white rice, cheese, guacamole, lettuce, mild salsa and medium salsa with a tortilla on the side. I highly recommend this order as it complimented the chicken very well.

Pollo Asado Por Favor

Karene Hermon

For a limited time, check out Chipotle’s new Pollo Asado meat to switch up your chipotle order. The Pollo Asado is flavorful, juicy, savory and tender. This chicken is better than the regular chicken by a long shot. If your usual Chipotle order includes chicken, I recommend ordering the Pollo Asado instead to improve your order.