I am no stranger to being single on Valentine's Day. In fact, most of the February 14ths I’ve been alive, I’ve also been single. (Except for the year I was in elementary school and had two classmates profess their love for me at the same time. I was like the 11-year-old version of the Bachelorette.)

Usually, being single on “the day of love” hasn’t bothered me, but it's never been completely desired either. That is until a few years ago when my relationship ended on Valentine's Day. Instead of sulking, I spent the day calling friends, taking myself to a movie, and best of all, consuming an entire heart-shaped pizza all to myself. This made me realize that a Valentine's Day spent alone has its benefits.

Being alone on February 14th means no pressure to make it a perfect “social-media worthy” day and no compromising on the restaurant you want go to. Best of all, you get to spend the day your way, doing the things you love, with the people/pets/TV shows you love the most. And most importantly, you never have to share your meal. 

So whether you're totally pumped or less than thrilled be single on Valentine's Day this year, here are a few great ways to celebrate Y-O-U on February 14th.

1. All the Pizza and Netflix

Solo Valentine's Day is all about you, which means no fighting over pizza toppings or what to binge-watch on Netflix. Most pizza places have coupons for a small pizza that never really makes sense when you're sharing (because who can eat only two slices and call it a meal?). Order that pineapple pizza, put on your comfiest sweats, and hit play on your favorite show. 

2. An Un-Romantic Meal Out With Friends

Whether "Gal-entines Day" or "Pal-entines Day," February 14th is the perfect time to catch up with your other single AF friends. It's also a great night to hit up a non-date worthy restaurant (think anything with a lot of grease or garlic).

Not being on a date means you're finally free to order as much or as messy as you want. Plus, these locations will likely be less busy, which means faster service and a chance to sit back, relax, and chat about all the reasons being single is awesome. 

3. A DIY Date Night for One

At this time of year we see all the articles boasting ideas for cozy ways to DIY date night. It can be hard to feel like you're missing out on exciting things like homemade fondue. But no need to get down, just use a recipe converter to downsize the deliciousness for one. Or do a little digging for easy recipes already perfectly portioned not to share, like a molten chocolate lava cake

4. Buy a Gift You Actually Want to Receive     

For a month the store aisles have been brimming with creepy giant teddy bears and boxes of sugary chocolate. Do yourself a favor this year and spend your hard earned cash on something nice as a gift to yourself, like  a box of truffles that really say "you." You know yourself best, which means anything you get will be a hit and you get to skip having to awkwardly open a gift in front of anyone else. 

5. See a Movie That's Actually Good

Congratulations, if you're single this Valentines Day, you don't have to sit through whichever romantic comedy just made its debut. Make sure to grab plenty of your favorite snacks beforehand and enjoy not running out of popcorn mid-way through the story because your date ate it all.

If you're into the RomCom thing (it's okay, so am I), or want to take advantage of a nearly empty theater, go to a show in the afternoon (which leaves time for options 1-4 above) since most daters will make a night out of it. 

February 14th is the day of love, and that includes those of us doing life alone. Take a day to remind yourself just how loved you are, no terrible gift or awkward date needed.