If you're smart, you'll time your mornings so you can squeeze in a shower, breakfast, and a cup of coffee before you're rushing out the door. If you're me, you'll snooze your alarm five times, swear under your breath when you realize how late you are, and then leave your apartment without pants (JK, that only happened once). 

So what do those of us who aren't so great at time management do when we're broke but also need a caffeine fix in the morning? We invest in this handy new travel mug.

coffee, espresso
Photo courtesy of Logan Carlson

This isn't your ordinary travel mug, friends. This mug brews your K-cup coffee on-the-go. Yeah, like, as you're running to catch the bus so you don't totally miss your 8 am class. 

According to Real Simple, "You pop open the lid, add some water (any temperature will do), then insert the coffee pod of your choice. Close the lid, press the start button, and you’ll have a fresh, hot mug of coffee in just a few minutes."

coffee, tea, espresso
Brittany Arnett

The travel mug is compatible with both Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts K-cups, so everyone is happy.

It looks like dreams really do come true (and not the kind you just had to finish before actually getting out of bed).